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We recently completed our 8th Annual Digital Signage Benchmarking Survey and the results are in!

In fact, we are only a few weeks away from releasing the full report. (If you are not already subscribed to receive it, scroll to the very bottom of this page to opt-in.) We normally wait for the release date before we let any of the highly-treasured data out, but we are so excited with the responses we got from over 430 different banks and credit unions around the country, that we can't wait. 

We've decided to share with you a sneak peek into some of the top-level data. We hope these little nuggets of golden data will get you as excited to read the full report as we are to share it!


Financial institutions can't help 'falling in love' with digital signage 

In fact, our survey results show that 82% of financial institutions have digital signage in their branches. And it’s not just one or two branches... Over 70% of institutions have digital signage in more than 1/2 of their branches. Even more impressive? 55% of institutions have digital signage in over 3/4 of their branches! 

And of the 18% of banks and credit unions that do not have digital signage in their branches in 2021, 22% have plans to add it in 2022.


Banks & Credit Unions Are Thinking Outside the Branch, Too

Of our 400+ respondents, 65% use digital signage outside of their branches, like exterior signage and drive-thrus. And of the of FIs that currently DO NOT have exterior signage plans, 56% to add it in 2022.

Digital Signage in Bank Drive-up


Exterior Signage Comes in Second to Dynamic Screens

While exterior signage has become incredibly popular, they still come in second to Dynamic Screens, which 91% of the survey respondents have in their branches. In third place is tablets with 28% of respondents using them. And following very closely behind that with 26% is Video Walls. Interactive or Touchscreen kiosks are the least popular (by a small margin) at 22%.

DSA Digital Survey header-types of screens-CORPORATE




Someone Has to Create the Content. The Perfect Formula Seems to Be a Combo of In-House & Agency Work!

The results of our survey show that over half (52%) of financial institutions are creating content in-house for their digital signage, with the average marketing team spending 20% of their week managing digital signage solutions. 45% of institutions rely on a marketing agency's support in creating content. Of the institutions that have agency support, the average marketing department spends only 12% of their week managing digital signage solutions. That's a 3-hour saving per week!




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