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Drive-Thru Long before digital banking, drive-through lanes were a banking convenience consumers loved. And over the past year, the drive-thru has been making an even bigger comeback. So much so, that 95% of financial executives recently stated they seen an increase in their drive-thru traffic. [Source: 2020 Overcoming COVID-19 Obstacles].

As things start to open up post-pandemic, it seems like the drive-thru trend may be here to stay. If other industries are an indicator of consumer preferences, including quick-service restaurants like Starbucks and Mcdonalds, it seems drive-thru traffic won't be slowing down anytime soon.  These mega giants see the decades-old service model as key to their brand success and are adding major enhancements over the next few years. 

One strategy banks and credit unions can take from these business giants' playbook is adding digital signage to capture more client attention. Studies suggest this cost-effective addition can increase sales by 3-8%. Yet, our recent survey found that only 33% of financial institutions plan to add exterior digital signage screens in 2021. 

Now is the time to get ahead of the pack and consider implementing this cost-effective and proven method for captivating drive-up clients' undivided attention.

Modernizing Traditional Drive-Up Lanes with Pillar Screens

For traditional drive-ups, adding weatherproof, ultra-bright screens to pillars is a highly visible way to increase the appeal of your products. 

Drive-up-screen-02These displays can be used to: 

  • Educate clients on the convenience of your mobile services and how to sign up
  • Increase wallet share by advertising products and solutions 
  • Communicate important operation changes, new hours, and other safety messages
  • Run promotions in an eye-catching way

Enhancing ATM and ITM Kiosks with Dynamic Screens

Another cost-effective option is to consider adding dynamic screens to your standalone ATM or ITM kiosks as a way to get the eyeballs of people pulling up or waiting in line. These attention-grabbing screens get more eyes than your typical printed merchanding posters, and can easily be updated and swapped out through an online content management system like the one DBSI's Digital Signage Agency uses for our hundreds of clients. 


Complementing Transactions with Mini Screens

Another way to grab attention is to get up close and personal with mini-screens placed next to your ATMs and/or ITMs. These can be installed in your existing fixtures and are guaranteed to be seen by clients. These are often better than the promotions you may have running directly on your ATM screens because they are complementing the transaction versus getting in the way. Consumers typically hurry through those pre-transaction ad screens because they can be seen as a blocker to getting done what they came to do. Instead, screens next to your machines are now seen as complementary and can be viewed while the ATM/ITM is processing their transaction.


If you're looking for more ideas for using digital signage to increase wallet share, this webinar is a great source of information.

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