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What frustrates consumers and bank executives about the branch experience today?

In the State of Retail Banking 2015 Report, TimeTrade set out to answer the most pressing questions on bank executives' minds…and the findings are worth a look…and a fold.

For example, there's this little nugget:

74% of consumers visit the branch at least 5 times a year. Yet 60% of consumers DO NOT have a banking relationship with a staff member of their branch.

Now, Halloween isn’t here yet, but that’s a scary stat.

This report is jam-packed with so many mind-blowing stats that DBSI decided to consolidate the information in a handy, easy-to-read infographic. We even channeled the old school charm of Mad Magazine and turned it into a magical fold-in infographic with a secret riddle and answer–the first one ever, actually. We think.

So…why are you still reading? Check out the infographic, already!

Want to show this to others? Download a printable PDF of the infographic here.

TimeTrade: State of Retail Banking
A DBSI Fold-In Infographic




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