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We recently watched a webinar hosted by Salesforce.com where they did a live Q&A with Mark Cuban. As the investor and owner of several retail establishments, he had some great advice for other leaders. We wanted to share some of those insights with you:

Why does Mark Cuban think you need to transform? 

Because There’s No Better Time Than Now 

“Now is the time to work on this while everything is closed, right? Get ahead, and stay there…. You’ve got to deal with the uncertainty that we’ll all be facing. How are you going to address that? That’s what you do right now.” - Mark Cuban

How does Mark Cuban think you need to transform? 

Try Something New

“You’re going to have to innovate. What you’ve got to do is recognize that that’s the case and just say ‘we’re starting over from scratch and redoing everything.” - Mark Cuban

Focus on Sanitation & Sterilization

“Number one on our list is sanitation and sterilization and knowing exactly what the top of the line is…. Become an expert in sanitation.” - Mark Cuban

Plan for the Future and with Social-Distancing in Mind

“Number two [on our list] is to expect that there will be social distancing and that will continue, so how can you redesign?....Be proactive to anticipate these types of things and give people confidence and comfort. Those are the things initially that you have to focus on.” - Mark Cuban

The Webinar: Stories Of Resilience: A Conversation With Mark Cuban

Featured Speakers:

  • Mark Cuban, Entrepreneur. Shark Tank. Mavericks Owner. Investor.
  • Marie Rosecrans, SVP, SMB Marketing, Salesforce


“Today’s uncertain landscape leaves businesses looking for tools, advice, and inspiration -- particularly small and midsize ones. You may know Mark Cuban as the Dallas Mavericks owner or Shark Tank judge, but the famed entrepreneur and investor has also been a vocal supporter of and advisor to small businesses. Here's an opportunity to get advice from Cuban, live in conversation with Salesforce SVP of SMB Marketing, Marie Rosecrans.”

See the full interview with Mark Cuban here: https://www.salesforce.com/video/9356260/