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Mercantil Bank, Florida’s fifth largest bank with assets of $8.5B, newest location in Wellington, Florida, is being hailed as the “Bank of the Future.” And for good reason.


Say goodbye to the roped off path leading to the wall of teller stations, the 1970s framed art, and the rack of tri-fold brochures (with 8 point font). And say hello to the future: an open floor plan, clean, bright colors, and self-service kiosks with interactive digital displays. This is the bank of the future.

The digitally-enhanced Mercantil Bank branch recently celebrated its transformation with a grand opening on April 18, 2018. Vice-Chairman and CEO, Millar Wilson, explains the excitement around the new branch:

“We are honored to celebrate the Bank’s grand opening of our first ‘Bank of the Future’ here in Wellington as we continue our commitment of bringing the latest advances to personal and business banking by incorporating state-of-the-art technology. This new way of banking illustrates our forward-thinking approach and continued mission of increasing customer satisfaction by delivering exemplary service and product offerings within a cutting-edge setting.”


To demonstrate its focus on friendly, efficient, and personalized service, Mercantil Bank hired DBSI to design and deliver an innovative layout that makes banking easy for customers. The sleek, modern design makes the branch a brighter, more inviting space, while the Discovery Bar provides interactive digital displays offering financial education and self-service banking.

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