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Making blind investments on cash recyclers and dispensers can be costly.

That’s because without real visibility and data—you’re probably buying machines you don’t need, over ordering cash to supply them, even paying for problem machines that drain staff’s efficiency.

Think about it. Do you even know if a machine is on? Before you make another purchase, join this interactive webinar to learn how to eliminate the guessing game and make data-driven decisions instead.


 You’ll see all the analytics you need for purchasing, managing, deploying, and optimizing your entire cash automation fleet –and how you can uncover them for your benefit.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Tools and actionable analytics that ensure successful cash automation deployments
  • Insights and benchmarking data on which machines you should be buying
  • Solutions for optimizing the machines you already have and how to avoid purchasing new machines all together
  • How to use your historical machine usage for better cash forecasting and ordering

Hope you can join us!