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Differentiation in the financial institution industry is limited, and this makes it harder to stand out. One thing that does make a difference for branches trying to win the race: client experience.

Like a world-class rock band, it is your job to put on a good show for your clients every time they come into your branch. Here are 3 ways to ensure you are providing a VIP experience for every visitor:

Give Clients Front Row Access

Give your clients a good look into what makes the branch so special, like the ability to complete all of their needs, such as cash deposits and withdrawals, money transfers, check printing, and more. You can even give a client front row access to these transactions by letting them complete the transactions on their own with self-service machines, like ATMs and NEXT.

Ditch The Band Posters For Digital Signage Displays

Okay, so maybe you don’t have actual band posters inside your branch--but you get the gist! Printed posters, brochures and out-dated banners are not making your clients feel special when they are in your branch. Instead, make their experience a lot more enjoyable with eye-catching, fun and creative digital signage displays and interactive screens.

Offer A Meet The Band Experience

Making a shift from transactional to advisory interactions in the branch is all part of offering a better experience to clients. Part of this shift is encouraging 1:1 interactions between clients and your band members, aka your universal associates. These personal interactions will not only make clients happier while in branch, but also allow associates to better align products and services with their client’s specific needs and interests.