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Vantage West Credit Union wanted to redefine their retail banking strategy and their member interactions. Their goal was to drive convenience and ease of access to their members. The strategy includes adding 10 locations in the Phoenix area over the next five years.

With DBSI, they are on-track after year one to deliver on-time, on-budget, and on-strategy. DBSI's Delivery Defined program helped them build their new locations, and build out the process to deliver a complete member experience. This specific Delivery Defined program is unique to Vantage West by taking into account their space, technology, vision, and goals.

"The most important thing from the beginning has been to deliver. [Companies] can promise you a great price but can't always deliver. The thing we as a group were impressed by was the scope and scale at which DBSI delivers." 

"When DBSI says they can do something, we have confidence that it will get done." 

-Richard Paige, Director of Market and Product Development

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