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Transform Your Branch Without Taking a Tumble

Transform Your Branch Without Taking a Tumble

How much is indecision and playing it safe really costing your branch network? What is the cost of making the wrong decision too quickly? Either way, branch transformation is a game you have to play. So, think of your branch like a Jenga tower – what should go and when? 

The name of the game is transformation without toppling your branch experience. Ready to play?


Consider these 5 tips to avoid a Jenga-style tumble:

WowWall1. Have a modern, WOW presence

It’s no secret that branch visits are down significantly. What is your branch network doing to counteract that trend? What message are you sending to passers-by on the street?

By not having any attention-catching, curb-appealing technology, you could be losing potential new customers / members - every day.

Technology such as large digital signs in heavy traffic areas, or even digital signs inside an in-store branch can help promote your brand, messaging, and products to attract new customers in.

2. Stay agile with Universal Associates and TCR tech

Is your branch making customers and members feel welcome, or do they feel more like a number in line? Teller lines, teller counters, and security guards make your branch and staff feel sterile and unapproachable.

The newest technologies are important to eliminate physical barriers and create more human and personable design layouts. Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs) and Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) equipped with the right software allow staff to float freely around the branch with the ability to conduct transactions from anywhere within the branch.

Your staff no longer has to be confined behind their counters. Lines are no longer necessary.

VantageWest-Cooper093. Create a destination experience

Retail destinations are all about the experience and the image it portrays of a brand. If done right, the experience, look and feel of a branch can become a differentiator where consumers will make a special trip solely to visit a specific location. This can mean enormous benefits to your brand and reach.

What is your branch environment and technology currently saying about your brand? What kind of experience are you leaving clients when they visit? If you took all your signs off the wall, would they know it was your branch?

The right mix of design and technology is the answer to turning your branch into an efficient retail bank environment. Consider the Vantage West success story. DBSI and Vantage West worked together to find the perfect blend of technology to help them capture the essence of what their brand is and while turning their branch into a destination experience.

4. Make it simple for clients to discover your services

How do customers / members currently learn about the services you offer? Do you give them several choices with how they can interact and learn more? Or are you stuck with a few out-of-date brochures and a hand-written rate board?

It’s more important than ever to invest in technology to give clients engaging options to learn more about what you can do for them.

Technology such as tablets or kiosks are now considered the norm for retailers outside of banking, and it’s time the same technology is used in branches. Reap huge rewards by helping clients explore and get educated on your products and services through the use of banking technologies.

5. Avoid sending your current clients to competitors

What usually happens when a client comes in for a certain service and is told they need to schedule an appointment or come back at a later time? That is not only disappointing for the client, but may also encourage them to go somewhere else with their business.

Today’s technologies are opening more doors than ever in creating full services branches. New technologies can connect a staff expert from another branch location to a client immediately, or even allow a client to connect with a spouse to make a decision on the spot. These options are only possible by investing in new banking technologies. If your branch is to stay competitive and serve its customer/members, again, technology is critical.

6. Maximize the opportunity to increase efficiencies

Last but not least, the overarching goal of every branch is to become more efficient. How can technology help a branch increase efficiencies?

Not only do teller lines and cash drawers create bad experiences, they also make for inefficient transactions. Adding technology such as tablets or assisted self-service machines can quickly solve many common banking needs to free up branch staff to concentrate on more profitable cross-sell opportunities and deepen a client relationship.

Also at stake: security and accuracy. New technologies and software such as Teller Cash Recyclers and Teller Cash Dispensers can increase teller efficiency by automating the process and better securing cash.

Stack Up the Ultimate Refresh

Check out our Jenga how-to guide for the ultimate branch remodel – without toppling your branch experience over.


If you're having a hard time getting your branch redesign project going, why not take the first step and visit our Ideation Center? A banker's playground, this is your chance to get a complimentary consultation with branch transformation specialist and see all the newest technologies in action.

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