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It’s a common scene. A client comes into the branch with a question, problem, new account inquiry, or to do a simple transaction— with kids in tow.

You try to hold a meaningful conversation with the parents, but the kids are loud, fighting, and begging for attention. Is your strategy to just give them a lollipop, and hope that works? Or perhaps you have a kid’s area with a few books, blocks and toys, hoping that keeps them entertained? 

As a financial institution who cares about your clients and their families, it only makes sense to want to offer an area for kids to spend time.  Unfortunately for most, the area is often a cringeworthy zone filled with germs, messes and worn out objects.  

Surprisingly, there is a better, even educational way to keep kids entertained AND keep parents happy. And we’ve got a few quick examples to show you how to do it.


Kids Zones in the Digital Age

It’s no secret that kids today love touchscreens. They know how to work an iPhone before they can talk. It’s also true that parents want educational content for their kids.

DBSI’s Digital Signage Agency has combined the best of both worlds with interactive digital touchscreens filled with vibrant, fun content—all created with the personal touch of your brand, colors and experience.

Here’s a look at a few of the possibilities.

Change Maker

As bankers, we want kids to learn financial literacy and understand the basics of money as early as they can. Change Maker is a simple, educational way to teach kids about counting, mathematics, and currency. Filled with multiple levels, kids can test their knowledge for hours on how to make the correct change. Parents are impressed and kids are happy—a double positive!



Search and Find

Who doesn’t remember the Where’s Waldo, Highlights or any other “search and find” books that kept your kids or even yourself busy for hours?

Now, think about how cool it would be to make your own version of that, fully customized around your brand and financial institution?

The Search and Find app is all that and more. Filled with multiple levels and an object related to your brand, this one is always a hit.




Always a classic, the Memory app developed by our Digital Signage Agency takes it to a whole new interactive level, wrapped in your branding. Kids can click and re-click until they make all the matches!



Where Do I Put This?

The great thing about digital Kids Zones is the flexibility. These types of apps and games can be used on a touchscreen kiosk, a screen in the wall, even a tablet. It can be involved as a dedicated Kids Zone, or just simply having on tablets in the branch.

Whichever way, the entertainment is endless! 

Want to learn more about the digital content created by our Digital Signage Agency? Contact us here to schedule a more in-depth preview of the possibilities!