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We have been working very closely with financial institutions for decades, but we've never had as many questions about what projects need to be prioritized first. It seems as though COVID-19 has added more initiatives to an already full whiteboard for financial executives than ever before—and a lot of them have short timelines and a ton of urgency behind them. 

From shifting branch models, to adjusting how your branches operate, and beyond, we've got some ideas for you. And over the next 3 weeks, we will be releasing a project idea and what you need to make it happen!

Last week we talked cutting costs and increasing sales.

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PRICE: $$$$$ 

TIMELINE: 6-12 months 

With less foot traffic it makes sense to decrease the footprint of your branchbut the need for physical branches is not going away any time soon. This means that you need to find a balance between your urge to close branches and your clients need for human interaction with their banker. In fact, 77% of Americans would prefer to complete more complex banking transactions face-to-face. The best way to find this balance is by: 

  • Decommissioning oversized branches or downsize the space used where possible 
  • Opening smaller branches in more convenient locations for your clients 
  • Ensuring these smaller branches are able to satisfy all the needs of a client 

When you get to the part where you’re ready to open these branches, this is a popular package that will make your project easy and affordable. 




collab_botw_003_vraycam002-new_digital JUNXION: Our patented version of the micro branch, this can be as small as 160sqft and 100% functional. 


NEXT-pic NEXTIn a branch staffed by only 2 associates (on average) it can be a challenge to service clients when things get busy. That’s why it is critical to have a self-service solution capable of completing all the transactions a teller would traditionally have to complete. NEXT also often serves as the main transaction station for smaller micro branches, as it is equipped with a TCR. It can also be paired with a tablet interface to enable assisted- and full-service from nearby associates. This means that the machine can handle the transaction and the associate can focus on the relationship. 



Digital_Kiosk_Kids Interactive Kiosk(s) - Grab their attention and get them engaging with your products and services on their own. Think of it as a build your own adventure. 
Incyte_assets_800x800 Incyte – Increase profit with insights into exactly what your clients are interacting with on the interactive screens. 
Coors-Discovery-Bar Discovery Bar - Give your clients the ability to self-service and self-discover with a comfortable place to sit that is equipped with tablets.  
Expert-Nearby-dublin-room-553503-edited Expert Nearby – Increase convenience with a private area in your branch that is equipped with video banking technology and manned by a back-end call center of banking experts, so clients can get the help they need at any branch and any time.  



delivery defines Delivery Defined – With a lot less space to work, your associates will need to be trained on how to operate in this new design and with the new tech. This program brings the expert to your branch so your associates can deliver an exception experience for your clients. 



Want more project ideas? We've got a product and services guide with more of them included.

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