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We have been working very closely with financial institutions for decades, but we've never had as many questions about what projects need to be prioritized first. It seems as though COVID-19 has added more initiatives to an already full whiteboard for financial executives than ever before—and a lot of them have short timelines and a ton of urgency behind them. 

From shifting branch models, to adjusting how your branches operate, and beyond, we've got some ideas for you. And over the next 3 weeks, we will be releasing a project idea and what you need to make it happen!

First up...



PRICE: $$$$$ 

TIMELINE: 8-12 months 

With more and more people (2/3 people to be exact) trusting their financial institution since the pandemic, it is more important than ever before to build an advisory branch experience over a transactional one. This means: 

  • Eliminating the siloed teller and banker role and creating the Universal Associate role 
  • Creating a design and using technology that supports this new role 
  • Training staff to use these the new technologies and design features 

This can be a lot to manage as there are a ton of factors to success. To make it easier, we offer a single package to get the job done right. 



Screens Teller Tower(s) - The teller line is a barrier to advisory services. This retail design replaces the line with inviting workstations built for more than just transacting.  
Service Spot


Service Spot(s) - Use these flexible workstations to provide your staff with a comfortable, and open environment to sit down and advise clients. 



Teller Cash Recyclers - The key to cash automation, TCRs open a ton of opportunities for adding Universal Associate enabling technologies. 
nomadix NOMADIX – Give your associates the power to complete any transaction from the palm of their hand with a tablet teller interface. 
Security Technology Services, Inc. - NCR ITMs (Interactive Teller Machines) ITM – An incredibly useful kiosk that can be leveraged in your drive-throughs to allow clients to connect directly with an expert from the comfort of their car.




Delivery Defined - If you want your staff to focus on advising, you need to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to do so. Especially in an upgraded branch environment. This program brings the experts to you branches to do just that. 



Don't want to wait until next week or the next project idea? We've got a product and services guide with more included.

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Want to learn more about these products and services and how we can customize this package to your branch(es)?

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