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Evergreen Bank’s newest branch might feel more like a trip to a coffee shop or the driving range than a traditional bank—all by design.

Evergreen aims to change the typical view of a bank branch into a more alluring destination known for amenities and impressing customers at its new location in Hinsdale, Ill.

The community bank worked with DBSI to develop a design and strategic customer experience that breaks the typical mold, and fosters advisory relationships and happy customers. Every element was thoughtfully planned to achieve a specific objective.

 Take the virtual tour and learn more below!

It’s Inviting

The moment a customer walks in, they are welcomed into an inviting and attractive space. You won’t find teller lines here. Instead, visitors are encouraged to relax in the Evergreen Coffee House and enjoy a gourmet coffee or complimentary shoe shine.

While there, customers can discover Evergreen’s mobile banking options at the tablet bar or check out the digital community board for local events and business spotlights.  

It’s Engaging

To create a more engaging environment, both digital and physical elements play a role.

Evergreen worked with DBSI’s Digital Signage Agency for the digital displays and content throughout the branch, including an Interactive Display Board that lets visitors explore the bank’s products and services, take a “Car Quiz” or find other information. And a large-screen Wow-Wall features Evergreen videos, tips and news, to reinforce the bank’s offerings.

For transactions and advising, Evergreen staff can engage with clients in the way the client prefers: their new Service Spots allow for standing or sitting interactions, and the shared Flex Office is available for those who prefer more privacy.

It’s an Experience

In addition to the Coffee House and digital displays, The Vault is sure to be another memorable feature. Behind the impressive vault-style door, clients can access a golf simulator and putting hole to get in some practice play!

There’s also a Community Room at the branch, that local groups can use for meetings, giving Evergreen a way to give back to their new community.

Staff was prepared for opening day and a new operating model with Delivery Defined, DBSI’s training program that gives staff the big picture, as well as specific talk-tracks and scenarios for serving clients from day one and into the future.

With the launch of this new branch, transformation truly came together—from people, to process, to design—for a uniquely Evergreen Experience, delivered by DBSI!

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