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DVCU-Anthem-13When a client is working with a Personal Banker or Member Services Representative, what’s the experience like in your branch today?  Is it pulling the client into a back office, cubicle or maze of hallways? 

Much like a car dealership, clients don’t want to be escorted to a room where they think they’ll be sold to for an indefinite amount of time.

Instead, it’s time to say goodbye to uninviting spaces with service representatives hidden and confined at offices and desks—and turn your Branch of the Future into an open, advisory-like experience. 

To accomplish that, here’s a look at DBSI's newest patented innovation being used by financial institutions called Service Spot®, that’s opening doors (literally) to Universal Tellers and airy, inviting environments.

The Typical Experience

Screen Shot 2019-06-10 at 9.42.22 AMIn most branches today, PBs and MSRs are either squished together at desks and cubicles, or in an office off to the side. Having all of these enclosed spaces not only creates the wrong atmosphere, but in many cases, sends the wrong message to clients too.  

Think about it, going into the branch is already thought of as a chore. The last thing you want a client to feel is getting help from a service representative is going to take a while, or that they’re going to face a “hard-sell.”  

But those offices and sit-down desks? They’re screaming all of the above (DMV anyone?). 

Introducing Service Spot

Service SpotTo remove the barriers of the typical experience and project a more advisory, retail feel to the branch, DBSI developed a new innovation called Service Spot®. It’s not your typical, boring desk…but something that says comfortable, quick, private, and consultative. It can even be placed anywhere in a branch – no office or walls required.

Every element is strategically designed to create the right atmosphere:

  • Advisory.  Created to feel more like Apple’s Genius Bar than DMV desk, Service Spot projects a “we’re on the same team” vibe with a shared desk and swivel monitor to share information easier. 
  • Quick.  The stool / bar height gives Service Spot a more casual, service zone feel versus the “hard sell, I’m going to be sitting for a while” feeling of typical desks.   
  • Private. By cutting out the dead space of cubicles and walls, Service Spot creates more privacy between clients by being spaced further apart (typically 50% MORE space v. many previous layouts).   Plus has sound deadening material above to keep conversations private.  
  • Comfortable. With Service Spot, no backs are to the lobby and no one’s being dragged into a room or long hallway.  Now focus and attention are on the conversation, versus being nervous of surroundings. 
  • Open.  Service Spot creates the perception of very open and inviting interior space. Additionally, these can be rearranged at any time. 

Your personal bankers and member service representatives have a big job—take care of the client, open new accounts, and cross sell products.  Start thinking differently about your retail branch experience and ways you can give them better tools to succeed.

Want to see and test drive the Service Spot yourself? This plus 20 other Branch of the Future technologies are all at our Ideation Center, and of you're invited!