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What is the fastest and easiest way to get your product information into the hands of clients? Forget boring paper brochures—instead let clients text or share your digital brochures right to an email inbox or mobile phone with DBSI's newest digital signage app.

Digital signage, especially interactive kiosks and tablets, are great ways for people to discover how your products and services can help them—at least while they’re in the branch.

But what happens if someone wants to take information with them? If the average Joe wants to show your mortgage details to his spouse or wants to save those car loan rates he’s browsing, they’re typically out of luck.

But now, sharing is only a touch away. Here’s how it works:

1. Someone viewing your digital content in the branch wants to share it or save it to read later.

Digital Sharing 1

2. An option on the screen allows them to send a link to the page to a phone or email address.

Digital Sharing 2


3. The link is sent and ready to view anytime!

Digital Sharing 3

So Brittany can email her kids information about opening up a savings account, Greg can text himself your car loan rates, and Ashley can send herself a link to download your mobile app later.

It’s fast, easy, paperless, and it’s preferred by people today. Nine out of 10 people want to use messaging when communicating with businesses and Millennials even prefer it, according to a recent survey by Twilio.

And by giving your clients an easy way to save information about your products and services or to share them with family and friends, you'll also have a way to boost views and ROI of your digital signage content.

If you'd like to add this app to your digital signage, or would like to develop a digital signage strategy, get in touch with the Digital Signage Agency through the contact form below.