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Does your lobby scream, “We haven’t changed since 1999!”?

The entry spaces for your offices and branch locations make an important first impression to visitors, including potential employees and clients. 

So what does your say?

If the overall look includes dusty fake plants, dated décor, or could be described as bland and boring, it’s probably time for a makeover. 

Whether you’re completely remodeling the space or freshening up certain aspects, there are some real benefits to making some updates, according to DBSI Interior Designer, Aileen Montelongo: 

  1. A new look can help you engage your guests. From the moment they walk in, do they feel welcome and part of the community?
  2. Design can also communicate your company’s mindset, aesthetic, and culture. Is your company fun, personal, helpful, open, etc.? With the right design you can express it. 
  3. Investing in the spaces that have the most foot traffic and public exposure can also help your financial institution keep your “wow-factor” fresh. People take notice of what’s new and different.
  4. A remodel can also improve the functionality of your space. This is especially important as technology changes the ways we work.

Something Bold, Something New

DBSI recently put these ideas to the test, with an entry remodel at our own headquarters in Chandler, Ariz. (designed and built by the DBSI design and construction teams) resulting in a brighter, inviting, more innovative and useful lobby area.

In addition to new flooring, walls, furniture and a custom designed reception desk, we added some features that provide better hospitality to our visitors: a luggage closet and refrigerated drawers hold cold beverages.

And a set of commercial-grade screens now highlight the digital signage services offered by our Digital Signage Agency.

During this project, we also took the opportunity to add two new booths (below) with acoustic sound dampening to give people a quiet space for people to participate in conference calls or video chats without interruptions.

These kinds of design features are becoming more important in open office environments to provide more privacy when needed.

Ready for a Remodel: Do you stay or go?

We often get asked if it’s better to move out during a remodel or to stay? 

Generally, its less expensive to do a live-in remodel for our clients. And to minimize the impact of construction on employees and clients, we usually we’ll break the project out into phases and do most of the work at night.

Even our own entry remodel was completed this way, after work hours in just a few days.

And visitors and clients have been wowed by the new design!

So what are your lobbies or branch designs communicating about your financial institution? 

Download our Branch Report Card to self-assess your branch, and get in touch with us below to learn more about what DBSI can do for you.