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Hey, you offer a ton of great e-services, online banking tools, and mobile features to your clients right?  

Great. So, what’s your adoption rate? How many are people are actually using all of your tools? 

Is it as high as you hoped? Could it be better? 

Increasing adoption and the use of mobile apps and online tools isn’t something to sneeze at. In fact, getting people to use all your services has a big payoff—to the tune of 171% increased loyalty. 

So, how can you bump up your number and build better relationships in your branch? 

Here’s a look at some real life examples of digital signage content we've created that helped onboard clients at the branch.

"Get Started"  Digital Signage Examples


What better way to make your branch the best place to learn about your e-services, mobile, and online banking tools than with a fun, eye-catching video? Above is an example of a tutorial created by the DBSI Digital Signage Agency that teaches clients how to use mobile deposit.

This is content that could run on screens, video walls, interactive kiosks, and even tablets in the branch. All working together to educate clients on how simple it is to use your services.



Another example of "Get Started" digital signage content is seen here on the interactive kiosk on the wall, and on the tablets at the counter. With this content, digital signage becomes a tool clients and staff members can both use. Clients can learn and interact with products and tutorials at their own pace. Staff members can step in to teach clients the basics and actually go through the process with them. 

Now your branch becomes much more than just a transaction center. These digital sgiange tools create relationship building and learning centerssimilar to an Apple store.


It's important to make the right first impression when onboarding clients in the branch. Your mission has to be about assisting clients in the wide range of e-services, online and mobile banking options offered by your financial instituiton. Here is another example of a Get Started tutorial created by DBSI that is available on an interactive kiosk.

Clients can select from a menu of tutorials to learn about each of the different servicesonline home loan applications, mobile deposits, fraud protection services, paying your bills online, etc. Each one has their own tutorial to go through.  

The Point

With the right tools and digital signage, onboarding and increasing user adoption of your e-services becomes easier—and a lot more fun.