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All Bank and Credit Union CEOs have to face the board, will you walk out smiling or defeated?

You Are in the Hot Seat 

You're in the boardroom ready to present your plan for a headquarters project. You’ve been working with an architectural designer and the plans you have are sure to impress the always skeptic board. You even went the extra mile and made careful decisions to stay on the strategy you know the board will respond well to, but then they start asking more questions. Your confidence is quickly shot as the board finds holes in your plan that your designer never thought to consider.

You are left with a plan torn to shreds and sweating bullets like you just ate a hot wing coated in a sauce hitting 3.3 million on the Scoville scale.

Don’t worry this nightmare doesn’t have to be a reality. Having a well-researched and strategic plan in place will give you the confidence you need to answer all the questions the board will throw at you.

These questions will get more and more difficult as you sit in the hot seat. So you need to prepare for each level of questions:

  • Why is the space 80,000 sq ft?
  • How did you come up with a budget of 17.5 million?
  • How long will the space last us? Five, ten years?
  • Did you calculate how much space each department needs?
  • What design options did you analyze – and why did you choose this one?
  • How do you know that 16 seats are enough to handle our expanding mortgage department?
  • Why do we need small conference rooms when our current large room is rarely used?

How to Keep Your Cool

Use realistic renderings and fly-throughs to help bring your vision to life. Expect changes and questions about the decisions you have made and be prepared to back it up.

Our team of experts is on standby ready to take on your project. We have a perfected process and methodology, FAQTOR7, that provides you with strong data points to back up every decision. Enter the board room with confidence. Don’t just guess, know.

Get a taste of the burning questions your board will ask: 

Show Me The Questions