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In many branches, old bulletin boards and posters are being replaced by more eye-catching digital versions, and they’re more than just a flashy distraction!

Digital community boards can be an effective way to highlight your value to the communities you serve and differentiate your branches from the competitors.

And digital community boards are even customizable down to each individual branch, letting banks and credit unions display hyper-local and relevant content with ease.

Check out five ways your branches can get hyper-local with digital community boards with some examples created by our Digital Signage Agency below!

1. Highlight Local Events

Local events are always a staple of community boards. Use an event feed that has information on what’s happening around the branch to automatically pull local events, and easily add your own community meetings, celebrations, and more.

Pima Community Board.jpg

2. Show Your Community Support

Does your institution sponsor or volunteer for local events and organization? Show how your branch gives back to the local community with photos, give o’ meters, even invite your clients to get involved as well.

Blu FCU Community Board.png

3. Spotlight Local Businesses

Help show your support of local businesses (and clients) by giving them some digital community board love. Your clients will be grateful for having the opportunity to be featured (a great value-add for banking with you instead of other competitors), and your branch visitors will get to learn about some local businesses. This way, you can eliminate those pesky fliers and business cards that can clutter the branch, and you can feature multiple business at once in a clean, consistent fashion. Think of how easy it will be to spotlight new businesses, business milestones and seasonal businesses!

Rocky Community Board.jpg

4. Use Local Imagery

The look of your community board can help reinforce your brand and show your local pride with imagery of local landmarks and scenery. The right images, or an animated (moving) background, and design can help your board capture more attention.

5. Branch Announcements, Weather and More

Get the word out with a spot on the community board for quick branch tips and other useful info. Other hyper-local info for digital community boards could include the local weather forecast, or social media feeds.

WCU Community Board.png

Pulling off a hyper-local community board in multiple branch locations might seem like a hassle, but the Digital Signage Agency gives our clients an easy way to manage and deliver the right local content to each branch.

If you’re interested in adding digital community boards or signage to your branches, contact us to learn about the advantages and options.