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Profinium-interiorAre you bursting at the seams and ready to make the move to a new corporate space? Perhaps you want to optimize the back office or maybe you're trying to bring all your operations into one location for increased efficiency? Or maybe you’re ready most likely to bring retail and workers together, and want to maximize the corporate office/flagship design?

Much like the transformation happening in branches–headquarters combined with flagship spaces are being transformed into experiences that build culture, reinforce the brand, and create a great environment for clients and staff members alike.

Not to mention, it’s your people and service that sets your financial institution apart, so fostering the right culture counts big time–right?

If you’re looking for inspiration, here’s a look at 3 very different examples of financial institutions who took their headquarters from traditional and boring, to places that everyone is talking about.


Profinium-ExteriorWhen it came time to move regional operations to a larger space and create a new flagship branch, Profinium wanted to live their tag line and bring "Amazing to Life".  Even more importantly, they were moving to a big town where they were yet unknown, so doing it right and making the best impression were at stake.

While the finished outside space stands magnificently in the Minnesota city of Mankato, it's what's on the inside that's making a difference in creating a sense of pride and community.

Working collaboratively together, here are a few key elements Profinium and DBSI strategically incorporated into the design:


Barn Wood That Ties Into Tradition

To honor Profinium's 140 year history and roots, wood from the original bank owners' century-old barn was placed throughout the branch. Touted as a way to honor the past as Profiinium looks towards the future, the story of the wood is enthusiastically told among employees and customers.

Kasota Stone To Celebrate the Local Community

What better way to give a nod to the local community than use a type of rock found only in Southern Minnesota? Using Kasota Stone throughout the space, Profinium was able to create a sense of pride for both staff members and customers.

Red Clarus Glass to Inspire

To create an energizing, inspiring space with Profinium's red brand colors, Clarus Glass can be found in employee spaces and the flagship branch. Not only is it a dynamic element, but employees and customers can write their dreams, share ideas, and create a sense of connectedness. 

Collaboration Centers

Creating spaces where employees can gather, get inspired, learn, collaborate, and recharge was important to "Bringing Amazing to Life." Called Collaboration Centers, Profinium created several spaces where staff and even clients can use the space to share ideas and spend time together. 




With a name like Coors Credit Union, one would expect a fun, exciting workplace for staff.  But for Coors, they were faced with an operations center and flagship branch that was outdated and didn't live up to the brand promise.  

To recreate their space, Coors and DBSI developed a concept that would honor the Colorado lifestyle and heritage.  The theme?  An Aspen Village–complete with a Town Square, Main Street, and of course...beer.


 A Town Square That's the Hub of Activity

When staff and members enter the building, all are welcomed into "Town Square". Not your typical space, this gives the vibe of an outdoorsy environment combined with a brewery.  It's even complete with brewing kettles on the teller towers. 

Head to Main Street

Where can someone find all the services and products they need in a ski town?  Main Street of course. Building from that idea, Coors CU has a Main Street where employee offices are located, and where members can find additional financial services, hang out in front of a digital screen, and just linger.  


Innovation Pub and Town Hall to Share Ideas

A fountain of innovation can always be found in the Pub.  In the Town Hall?  A tap, lounge and patio all welcome employees, community members, business owners and others to gather around to conduct business, host events and more.




Sometimes simple elegance with a modern twist is the perfect fit for your headquarters location.  As a commercial bank based in Iowa, Bankers Trust wanted their regional headquarters/flagship branch, located in Arizona, to match with their clientele while reminding staff and visitors of home back in Iowa. 




Ok, so we’re not a financial institution, but since our own office was voted the Top Ten Coolest, Most Unique, and Best Workplaces, it's safe to say we know a thing or two about building spaces that shout company culture and invite creativity into the workplace.

We even have a “flagship branch” called The Ideation Center, that houses all the latest in banking technology, equipment, and designs. For us, it's all about a fun, engineered experience.



How the workplace looks matters a lot–to our health, emotions and productivity. For financial institutions, the corporate headquarters matters even more–especially when it's tied to your flagship branch. But just making it look nice won't deliver the results you need. Find ways to make staff proud while showing what makes your financial institution unique.


Is a new corporate headquarters on your mind? We specialize in creating corporate spaces that please. Let's talk about ways we can work together to create something you can be proud of. Contact us right here.