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Your financial institution is growing: you’re opening more branches, hiring more people, and your current corporate office is starting to burst at the seams. Sound familiar? If so, you need a new headquarters. Congratulations on this, because only the biggest, baddest brands in the industry reach this level.

The Race To Space

Sending a rocket into space is a huge feat - one that only few can do - because without the right team (of engineers, designers, builders, scientists, programmer, astronauts, and more) the launch results in a very expensive, fiery crash. There are countless details, specific skills and training, a required level of experience, and a lot more factors that play into the success, of failure, of a launch.

A HQ project is the same.

A Successful Launch

A headquarter is mission critical for a growing or established financial institution. Not only will it serve as the mothership for your company, but it also will help to optimize your day-to-day management by bringing all your operations into one location for increased efficiency. That’s why ensuring a successful launch is the difference between life and death; and a successful launch starts with (1) identifying the parts needed to build a HQ capable of taking flight and (2) enlisting a team that can put together all the parts and send you to space with confidence.

An HQ that has been built properly has the ability to build culture, reinforce a brand image, improve operations, and create a great experience for staff and clients alike. Where as a poorly built HQ will quickly crash, bringing your huge investment and all your hopes and dreams for a headquarter among the stars down with it.

Defying Gravity With FAQTOR7

In an effort to put an end to the expensive crash-and-burn pattern seen often in the launching of a HQ, we spent a lot of time digging through, learning from, and refining our most-successful previous and current projects to find the factors responsible for the flawless launches. After years of research, we’ve identified the perfect process, and we call it FAQTOR7.

FAQTOR7 is an HQ analysis tool designed to eliminate any guesswork from your headquarter strategy, so you can get data-driven answers to the questions you and the board actually need to build a HQ capable of defying gravity.

These questions include, but are not limited to:

  • What are the anticipated improvements for the organization?
  • What is the right investment budget, scope, size, and timeline? And why to each with supporting data.
  • What anticipated efficiencies and growth should be designed into the space?
  • Are the necessary adjacencies considered and designed in that will drive productivity?
  • How long is the capacity of this building designed to last?
  • What approach gives us the optimal chance to be on-strategy, on-time, on- budget, and on-satisfaction?
  • Do we have an effective communication strategy to ensure a smooth and effective transition to the new environment?

Before FAQTOR7, these questions could only be answered by ‘educated’ guesses that resulted from timely meetings and endless discussions. Now, using a simple approach and one-of-a-kind tool, you will have all the answers you need for a successful HQ, with factual data. So stop guessing and start knowing what you need to launch your mothership. It is time to start your journey... and remember we're here to help, because the team you put together matters!