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The results of our 8th Annual Digital Signage Benchmarking Survey are here! Listen to Jared and Alisa, our in-house digital signage experts, as they break down their findings from the report in SIXTEEN:NINE's podcast. 


From Dave Haynes, the Creator of SIXTEEN:NINE

Originally posted on the SIXTEEN:NINE website here

"There are a few companies in digital signage that have picked a vertical market, got into it, and stayed very much in that lane.

But I can’t think of any other companies in the sector that operate like DBSI, a Phoenix-area company that provides and manages a full-featured digital signage solution for its retail banking customers, but also designs and builds branches, among many things.

The company has been around for 20+ years and its customers range from small regional credit unions to whale accounts like Wells Fargo.

For the last eight years, DBSI has done a survey of banking customers that benchmarks the adoption rate, state and trends with respect to in-branch digital efforts. I’ve been through the deck and noted a lot of interesting insights about how on-screen messaging is being used, and how banking customers see the ROI."

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