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DBSI roared down the runway at IIDA Southwest Weird & Wonderful Couture 2022, where interior designers took home the “Best Craftsmanship” award for their fierce creation: an ensemble that transformed from circus master in front to queen-of-the-jungle lion in back.

Slaying the Competition with a Wild Design

DBSI reigns the jungle of transformation, taking retail spaces from dull, uninviting and outdated to modern and gorgeous with design and technology that deliver the ultimate service experience. We take the same approach in a fashion design competition!

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The savage look, which the DBSI team created in partnership with vendors Spinneybeck, Knoll Textiles, and Source International Design, was built using hard and soft furniture and textile components.

DBSI Weird & Wonderful Couture 2022 Profile

DBSI Weird & Wonderful Couture 2022 Runway

DBSI Weird & Wonderful 2022 Skirt
  DBSI Weird & Wonderful 2022 Shoes  

The one-of-a-kind construction included:

  • A skirt built from a chair base serving as a crinoline, plus curtain drapery and leather scraps
  • A corset built from furniture coils
  • A leather hat and jacket
  • And possibly the wildest piece of the look: shoes with wheel casters for heels

Prowling the Runway

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DBSI Weird & Wonderful 2022 Design TeamSlaying the design challenge were team members / interior designers Angela Hearn, Erin Murray, Crystal Hobbs, Megan Waffensmith, Maryn Wilson, and Kristen Abbey, as well as contracts & administration manager Jennifer Dumphy. Seamstress Helen Van Hamme, professional services corporate trainer, got it all stitched up. Growth manager Ashley Incardone expertly handled the catwalk in those very precarious wheels-for-heels platforms!

"This event is something we look forward to,” said Angela Hearn, interior designer. “It gets us out of our usual element and gives us a different creative challenge. Not to mention the fun of getting to collaborate with our partner vendors.”

“I’m so proud of our team for their hard work and amazing creativity,” said B.A. Eastwood, director of architectural services. “I see what they do every day, producing amazing spaces for our clients, and it’s a testament to how imaginative and ambitious they are, whether they’re designing for architecture or fashion.”

This is the third award for DBSI designers at this event. In 2016, they won “Best Haute Couture” for a creation made from architectural panels, carpet backing and translucent resin sheets. And in 2018, they came away with “Most Creative Wardrobe” for a garment constructed from glass pieces and woven carpet thread.