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It takes more than wanting to transform to truly reshape the way you serve your members. Change doesn't come without some form of challenge — and it all starts with challenging the way you perceive how things are done today by engaging with new people, products, and ideas to move your credit union forward.

Tech_OME-530x300_2018-1Where better to make it happen than San Francisco? If you're attending the 2018 CUNA Operations and Member Experience Council Conference, co-located with the CUNA Technology Council Conference, you'll get the opportunity to make new connections with credit union leaders and innovate with new methods to serve members, enhance operational processes, and boost sales.

Even better, DBSI and CFM will be meeting you there to showcase the hottest transformation trends, including three recently-launched innovations that are brand new to the market...right from our table!

What are the can't miss, must-see solutions we'll be bringing to the table?

If the vibe of your transformed space contains open branch designs, Universal Associates, and seamless end-to-end service, you can't miss Remote Transaction Assist (RTA). Named one of the Best New Fintech Products of the Year at the 2017 Stevie American Business Awards, RTA empowers your staff to serve members without being tied to a cash drawer or piece of hardware, creating a more efficient, incredibly connected member experience.rta

Even if you dread your yearly doctor's office checkup, you can't help but love the newest app we've added to the DBSI family: Financial Health Check (FHC). This web application allows your members to self-assess key financial indicators in under 90 seconds, generating an instant report of their overall financial assessment, valuable tips aligned to their aspirations, where they stand in comparison to their peers, and suggested recommendations to prove their financial health. But they're not the only ones who receive insights — you'll receive real-time alerts notifying you of the members who have requested an appointment, plus their financial profiles!Financial Health Check

The outcome is a win-win situation: your members are aligned to the products and services they need to navigate life's financial journey, and your organization successfully makes the shift from transactional to advisory, boosting the number of sales and overall products per household in the process.

If you have digital signage (or are planning to implement it in your future transformation plans), you already know how powerful of a tool it can be when it comes to educating clients on your offering and guiding them closer to what's required to achieve their financial goals. The more engaging your content is, the higher the number of taps and swipes your interactive digital signage receives — but any interest you generate is anonymous, and not immediately actionable...

...unless you have Service Sidekick (yes, another app!). The moment a member interacts with your digital signage, your staff will receive an alert to their wearable device, tablet or desktop (of course, you'll determine which alerts are most important to receive and act on).Service Sidekick Overview

Once received and accepted by your staff, they can engage your members with conversation personalized to the exact products and services they want more information on. What this means for you: so much more than being in the right place at the right time! Your staff will be empowered with real-time intel on products of interest to best serve your members.

Did we mention that all of these innovations will be ready and waiting for you to try out at our table?

What if booths aren't your thing?

No problem; you can catch DBSI at two separate speaking engagements, both on September 13th!

To kick the day off, Cody Willis will be presenting, "The Branch of Now: How to Deliver a Frictionless Member Journey with the Latest Technology Trends" from 9:45-10:45 am with an encore presentation at 11:30-12:30 pm.

This interactive session will explore questions like these (and proven, real world examples of how each trend to see how each was leveraged to successfully create the Branch of Now!):

  • How are trends like appointment scheduling, digital signage, remote experts, and virtual check-in impacting the market?
  • What works (and what doesn’t) in branch innovation?
  • Which key aspects should you consider before you commit to implementation

And, if you can keep up, we'll be picking up the pace throughout the day in the Vendor Speed Rounds! Kicking off the day at 8:00 am, we'll begin by showcasing Financial Health Check - and keep the momentum going until 1:00 pm, where we'll debut Service Sidekick.

So, will we be seeing you at CUNA this year?

We sure hope so. But if you want to make sure we connect, let's set up some time to talk while we're in San Francisco. Just click the button below!