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If your branch was running smoothly, would you need an innovative idea? If you weren’t experiencing a pressing issue, would you want a solution?


Being innovative isn't just about having a great idea. It's about solving real problems—your problems.

CFM (DBSI's sister company) is changing the cash automation industry with solutions that solve some of financial institutions’ most significant issues:

  1. Is there a way to integrate all of my different types of cash machines together? Solution: S4 
  2. How can I allow my entire branch to leverage a cash recycler? Solution: RTA
  3. Can you tell me if my cash machines are plugged in and being used? Solution: iQ
  4. How do I properly tackle self-service in the branch? Solution: NEXT
  5. What happens when a backhoe cuts my T1 line and the branch network goes down?  How can my cash recyclers and dispensers still run? Solution: NORM        

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, or any other issues, contact us to get the conversation started today. Let us help find the right solution for you.