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Every client has that perfect branch: one that satisfies all of their wants and needs and is conveniently located near where they live, work, and play.  It is your job as their financial institution of choice to provide them with this branch.However, there is one challenge to that: no one client is the same. This means that your branch network needs to have enough variety among the branches–from design to technology to location–to ensure everyone is able to find their branch match.

To help in your efforts of building a network comprehensive enough to win the hearts of every single client type, we've built a Branch Match App, where you can swipe right or left on the many different types of branches, and ultimately build a network you and your clients are guaranteed to love. 

Rules of Engagement

In this swiper quiz, there are a few different branch types commonly found in bank and credit union branch networks. Think of the communities you serve, the different types of clients that make up this community, and then swipe right (or thumbs up) on the branches that belong in your network and swipe left (or thumbs down) those that don’t.

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