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Our CEO, John W. Smith, was quoted in BankDirector.com. Want to see what he said? Here is a snippet of the article - and you can even click through to the full article if you want.

Some think that the brick and mortar branches are thing of the past, but the numbers tell a different story. Even JPMorgan Chase & Co., the nation’s largest bank, announced in early 2018 that it will build 400 new branches—a number roughly equal to the 25th largest branch network in the country.

“Bank leaders with a firm vision about where they want to be and accurate market data to make informed decisions are best positioned to balance efficiency and growth in their branch networks,” says John Smith, the CEO of DBSI, a retail banking consultant.
“You have the data, you have your strategy of where you want to be, and now it’s about proper execution,” he says.

See the research report and branch rankings here.