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We’ve all seen them incurrent community boards branches…. perhaps even your branch is guilty? Yes, those whiteboards or bulletin boards with handwritten notes announcing the day’s rates, banking specials, and upcoming events.

While the idea seems good (helping clients/members discover your products or learn about community events), the method is quickly becoming outdated in today’s retail banking landscape.

Why stay stuck in the past? Is the misconception that banking technology is expensive and requires a lot of IT manpower to operate holding you back?

Some banking technologies are easier to implement than you think. Here is one simple, yet effective technology that can increase your branch community footprint and requires little or no help from an IT department.

Community Bulletin Boards - An Oldie but Goodie Goes Digital

Banking technology is all the rage for those looking to move their branch to a modern design. With so many options, how do you know what’s bleeding edge or leading edge?

One of the most turnkey banking technology successes we implement and recommend to clients is a Digital Community Bulletin Board.

What is a Digital Community Board you ask?

community board calendarMuch like the bulletin boards we knew in the past – this takes all the same elements, but makes it digital on a monitor or kiosk.

Branches can electronically post upcoming bank events or announcements. Business owners can advertise their local businesses as part of a merchant services offering.  Clients or members can post babysitting services, lost/found animals, even local school team wins and congratulations. The list is endless and the rewards abound.

Here are 5 benefits that a Digital Community Board can bring to your branch:

  1. Community Boards connect your branch to the community. By allowing clients and members to post what is important to them, your board becomes a reflection of the people you serve.
  2. Content is mostly generated by Clients/Members so you are not solely responsible for figuring out what to post. Consumers have the ability to enter data directly on a kiosk or onsite device, or through an online portal on their computer at home.
  3. Community Boards help position your branch as a resource, rather than simply as a vendor. Posting services and events outside your branch gives a human touch and shows your commitment to providing relevant content.
  4. Content is fresh and updated more often. Today’s consumers expect new content frequently and the digital board allows your clients/members to post as often as they wish – you may even end up with a back log of things to post!
  5. Community Boards reinforce your brand image and integrity through a clean interface that contains your logo and coloring.

The Point - Community Boards are an easy way to connect your branch to the community in a new age digital way.

Want to see a Digital Community Board in person while also experiencing the newest banking technologies?  Check out our Playground for Bankers here.