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Let’s address the obvious first: Optimizing your branch network is a must to stay relevant and successful in today’s changing banking environment.

More elusive and ambiguous is the right strategy, technology mix, branch design and action plan to get there.

For many, in-branch self-service is a growing consideration. But with countless numbers of solutions popping up and so few actual success stories, making any logical steps forward can seem impossible.

The solution lies in answering a few key questions to uncover your strategic intent, then weighing all potential options against that strategy.

And we can help you get there.

DBSI has seen it all and guided several financial institutions on in-branch self-service strategies with: 

  • A process for understanding and answering key questions
  • A comparison of the pros and cons of self-service solutions available
  • How to decide which solution best aligns to strategy
  • Designs that complement this new service model

If you are struggling with in-branch self-service, let's talk.  The best place to start the conversation is at our Ideation Center—an innovation lab of the latest technology, designs and ideas changing retail banking. If you're unsure about making the trip, starting with an online or onsite session may be a better fit.  

Get the conversation started by filling out the form below and we will reach out with more information.