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We're not sure why these painfully awkward stock photos existthey might make you laugh, but will no doubt scare branch traffic away!

At the Digital Signage Agency we've spent countless hours helping financial institutions create engaging digital signage, leaving us with our fair share of bad stock photography memories—that are simply too good NOT to share. 

Therapy is temporary. Mannequin love lasts forever:



When online banking is just that good:



Got car loans? Please don't feature this un-enthusiastic couple with different ideas of where the camera actually is…showing off their car key:



Let me show you what a real “stink eye” looks like:



Perhaps he's feeling trapped with high interest rates?



Let’s play a game—driving while blinded:



Showing off the savings, Zoolander-style:



Waiter, there’s a fly in my…mouth:



Fashion often goes in cycles, but what was cool in 1972 is not always cool today. Or ever:



Everyone loves a picture of a happy family—not everyone appreciates a picture of two cavemen holding a baby hostage:



No caption necessary—just don’t use this photo for any reason whatsoever:



Tips from the Digital Signage Agency On Avoiding Bad Stock Photos and Other Mishaps

There’s no shortage of bad stock photos out there to avoid, but how can you make sure you select the right images for your digital signage content? DBSIs Digital Signage Agency pros have a few tips: 

Think about how it will be used.

“Be mindful of placement of the image when selecting stock art, not just the quality of the art itself. Sometimes the best image in a set doesn’t work as well as another that fits the space better,” says Front End Developer, Chris Foose. A horizontal group shot, may not be a good fit for vertical screen layout, for example.

Does it seem authentic?

Digital Graphic Designer, Ramon Vargas, agrees that fit and orientation are important to consider, as well as the environment. “Bad green screen, cut outs and perspective” are things to watch for. 

Consider your clients.

“Some images can be funny to some, but offensive to others. Cultural, regional, and even generational sensitivity should be kept in mind when selecting stock imagery, especially if you want to avoid that awkward email or phone call complaining about the picture shown in your branch,” says Art Director, Matt Lu. 

If you’re looking for creative content for your digital signage that helps you catch your clients’ eyes in a good way, contact DBSI's Digital Signage Agency and check out more examples of digital signage done right

Together, we can protect your clients from bad stock photos!