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AOBA Pre-Conference Recap

Everyone is talking about innovations but what does it mean if you can’t see it? Might as well be talking about the Loch Ness monster…Here at DBSI, we know that seeing is believing. So, a very lucky few were able to see the latest innovations in the financial industry for the AOBA pre-conference at our very own veritable playground for bankers: The Ideation Center.

Our team of experts demystified the answers to common problems banks face with examples of how other FIs have fixed them. The pre-conference included strategies to invite, advise, engage customers and foster discovery—from technology that enables universal associates to self-service machines. Attendees explored past the industry standards into all the possibilities of digital signage and marketing strategies.



"The DBSI experience was a real win for us," said AOBA attendee. 

We hope you had as much fun as we did. And if you missed it — we feel sorry for you. But we’ll let you come back to see the of all the mythical creatures of the financial industry, and maybe even take a turn on the batpole.

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