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The #1 rule for investing into digital signage: make the content purposeful and engaging. This goes for both client-facing content and back-of-house or staff-facing content. Here are 7 modules to help you do just that.

Client-Facing Content

1. Financial Education 'Pop Quizzes'

A great way to get clients to look up from their cellphone and tap into their inner trivia champion, these pop quizzes can help you provide important information on financial education, safety and security, and other helpful tips in a fun way.

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2. Success Stories

Show clients what it is like to win with your institution as their partner by highlighting the success stories of your other clients. It is easier to trust you with their needs when they know you've helped others just like them.

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3. Hyper-Local Content

There is a reason the people you serve choose to live in the community that they do. Surround them with reminders of that when they are in your branch with hyper-local content, including local business spotlights, community events, etc.

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4. Art, Animations, Videos, & Imagery

Sometimes it is less about the branded messaging and promotions and more about creating a WOW experience in the branch. Creative artwork, animations, videos, and imagery are all effective methods of both drawing in and engaging clients.

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Staff Engagement

Just as important as keeping your clients engaged, if not more important, is keeping your staff engaged.

5. Company Updates

Skip the intranet that only 3 people have bookmarked to their browser and the emails that get deleted before they're ever opened. Instead, post important updates and information on attention-grabbing digital signage displays. This way, no staff member is left behind.

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6. Employee Recognition

Celebrate your employees' accomplishments and encourage them to celebrate one another as well. As team that cheers one another on, is a team that wins together.

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7. Company Culture

Remind your staff what makes your institution special and get everyone bought into the company culture by regularly sharing your goals, missions, values, and more.

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Looking for some more inspiration?

You can download our entire product guide complete with a list of our modules. Click the image to download.