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For years now, digital signage has been making an impact on the retail experience, and it is no different for financial institutions. Digital Signage is catching eyes and proving to be worth its pixels for banks and credit unions across the US. And for a good reason, it has a proven record of:

Helping make the shift to advisory banking

As bankers, an important goal is helping clients learn about the menu of products and services your financial institution offers and how you can make their lives better. The problem is the tools used to engage clients with (AKA printed brochures) aren’t all that exciting—especially for the modern client. So instead of creating an appetite for discovery, your expensive printed brochures are likely gathering dust. Adding insult to injury, just one information change and your brochures become outdated and irrelevant, costing even more to get reprints, or forcing you to accept your client getting false information.  With digital signage you are able to make your client's experience with your material interactive, so they can not only better explore all of your products and services to understand what they need - but you can also track what they are interested and approach every conversation with background knowledge that lets you align products with their specific needs.

Catching Client Attention

Digital displays have been shown to capture 4-6 times more views than static displays in a tracking analysis by Intel. So whether you’re displaying slides, video or interactive content, you can bet it’ll be more eye-catching than a printed brochure. Messages with a visual element are also more likely to be remembered. When people hear information, they'll remember about 10% of it after three days, but if the message is paired with a related image, they’ll remember 65%!  

Boosting Employee Engagement

There's a hidden danger to your branch transformation efforts with the potential to sink all your efforts—poor communication. Lack of communication is often the No. 1 complaint employees have about companies. Achieving good communication can be a major challenge but well worth taking the effort to improve, since it can boost employee productivity by 25% or more, by some estimates. Digital signage helps reach optimal communication.

When you have a branch network that’s widespread, keeping everyone on the same page can be difficult. But with consistent digital signage, you can keep everyone, from headquarters to each branch, well informed. With the right content management system in place, you can promote your financial institution's events, show employee appreciation, and share news and localized content with specific regions or branches, or throughout your entire branch network. Keeping your staff well-informed, and reinforcing key messages and training, can make a major difference for the success of your client engagement and branch transformation goals.

We know more and more financial institutions are transitioning away from paper brochures and handwritten rate boards and are investing in this technology. But we also wanted to know what’s working, how much they're spending and what they're finding most effective. So we asked over 100 financial industry leaders about their digital signage use—and what we found out was pretty awesome. So awesome, that we put it all together in a report that you can now download for free.

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Is digital signage a new term for you?

Don’t fret- we’ve got you covered.  Here is a quick cheat sheet and review of the top 3 most used forms of digital signage.

Digital ScreensA form of electronic display devices (i.e. LCD, LED, Plasma) connected by a content management system (CMS) that shows relevant, targeted, and engaging messaging.

What it's Used For:

  • Brand building – promote the brand and build a consistent identity

  • Rate Boards – display bank rates and quotes

  • Advertising – promote all the products and services the bank offers

  • Education -  educate customers on how to use banking products/ general how-to banking videos

  • Public information – news, events, traffic, weather, local information, etc.

  • Internal Company Information –information about branch charitable giving, quotes from satisfied clients, etc.


  • Enhance the customer experience

  • Reduce perceived wait times

  • Drive sales and influence client behavior

  • Deliver more effective advertising

  • Make real-time updates based on audience, time of day, etc.

  • Schedule content in advance

  • Lower costs and reduce/remove static signage clutter

  • Enhance message with animation and sound

Interactive Digital Kiosks / Tablets: A digital display with an interactive touch screen that has specialized hardware and software to provide access to information and applications for communication, brochures, entertainment, and education.

What it's Used For:

  • Help clients learn about different products and services offered

  • Provide digital brochures vs. printed brochures

  • Allow clients to compare products side by side

  • Encourage clients to learn more about your branch and what makes you a part of the community

  • Educational or how-to videos to help clients learn how to use products and services

  • A check-in device to route a client to the appropriate team member and/or create a queue for busy branches

  • Branch contests

  • Provide clients with the ability to take the information with them via email, QR codes, web URL, etc.


  • Create intriguing, high-tech atmosphere

  • Improve client experience and retention

  • Increase cross-sells

  • Consistent messaging across all branches and always up to date information

  • Ability to spread messages across multiple kiosks at one time

  • Reduce perceived wait times and keep clients occupied

  • Increase client awareness and knowledge of a branch  

  • Reduce costs of printed brochures by eliminating wasted out-of-date brochures, expense to reprint new ones, and costs to redistribute to all the branches.

Digital Community Board: A form of digital signage used as a public bulletin board for a community. Similar to bulletin boards of the past but completely electronic with information displayed on a digital monitor or kiosk. Data is managed through a Content Management System (CMS), and entered through an onsite device, kiosk, or at home on a computer.

What it's Used For:

  • A value-add for commercial business offerings where business owners can advertise their local business

  • Promote local events

  • Branches can post upcoming internal events or announcements

  • Customers/members can post babysitting services, lost/found animals, etc.

  • Share local school team wins and congratulations


  • Connect your branch to the community

  • Become a reflection of the people you serve and give your clients the opportunity to share what’s important to them

  • Position your branch as a resource

  • Reinforce brand image and integrity

  • Facilitates word of mouth

  • Ability to approve posts prior to posting create delay