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As the New Year approaches, it's a perfect time to gather ideas for a content refresh and new digital signage strategies.

We've picked out a few of our favorite innovations for financial industry below...See how our Digital Signage Agency has helped branches engage, educate and excite with these 12 digital signage ideas:

*To the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas*

On the first day of Digital, the Digital Signage Agency gave to me. . . an Expert Nearby.

Expert Nearby.png

How can your loan officers help clients in multiple locations without having to travel? With Expert Nearby your experts can assist clients in any branch using video conferencing tools. At Community First Credit Union, Expert Nearby has given their members the ability to get their mortgage questions answered on the spot for added convenience.

One the second day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . two engaging quizzes!

Quizzes are a fun way to match your client’s preferences with the products you offer. Our interactive digital quiz apps (like the ones above) allow clients to answer personality based questions that match them with an account that fits their needs or relates to your loan offerings or other products. 

On the third day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . three prize wheel spins.

Who doesn’t love spinning a prize wheel and winning things! With a digital prize wheel (complete with your branding) you can add some fun and excitement into your branch openings, promotions or when a new client opens an account.

On the fourth day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . digital signage for the breakroom.

Many branches use digital just for their lobbies and client communications, but the ways digital can be so effective with clients also make it perfect for internal communications. Start sharing your company news and tips in a fun, visual and engaging way…like these examples above from the DBSI breakroom.

On the fifth Day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . a way for clients to meet the team.

Help clients get to know your team better with a Meet the Team app! This app allows clients to learn about who works in your branch, what they do, and perhaps even choose the banker they’d like to work with.

On the sixth Day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . share buttons for our screens! 

Think your digital content is only useful in the branch? Not with our new Save ‘n’ Share apps. Now clients can send a link to your digital content via email or text, and share product info with family or friends or save or read later. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!

On the seventh Day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . games to keep kids entertained.



Keep the kids busy and make parents’ visits to the branch a little easier with games for kids. With an interactive kiosk, kids will know exactly what to do for this candy matching game or a change counting game.  

On the eighth Day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . onboarding tutorials.


How do you help skeptical clients make the switch to digital channels? With onboarding videos and screens that show them just how easy it is. Just add a sharable link to allow them to download the app and it’s easier than ever for clients to sign up and use your online banking or mobile apps.

On the ninth Day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . new ways to share our stories.


Everyone can relate to good story…are you telling yours? Let clients and visitors see what you can do by sharing what you’ve done to help clients, with testimonials and success stories.

On the tenth Day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . financial tips for all.

Deer Valley-Financial Tips.jpg

How can you help clients make smarter financial decisions and increase loyalty? Give them something of value by sharing financial tips for clients to watch or browse as they wait. This kind of content can help your clients see your financial institution as an advisor and partner in their financial journey.

On the eleventh Day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . . a digital Community Board.

_Community Board V4.jpg

Your own branded community board is a memorable way to show clients that their branch is part of the community. It’s a perfect place to share the events and causes you support, spotlight businesses who bank with you and highlight your social media feeds.

On the twelveth Day of Digital, the Agency gave to me. . .  twelve conversation starters!


What if you could collect all the relevant client data you needed for warm sales conversations, right in the branch? Financial Healthcheck offers just that with a fast, easy web app that gives clients a way to check heir financial fitness and gives your branches the data to offer relevant products and services.

We hope these ideas inspire you in 2018! Our Digital Signage Agency is always ready to help you with a content refresh or a brand new digital signage strategy, from apps and graphic design to videos. Contact us below, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (@DBSI-Inc) for more great examples.