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Posted by David Giarrizzo

July 27, 2018

Have you seen the latest data on Digital Signage use among financial institutions?  

Whether Digital Signage is on your priority list or not, you need to check out the latest statistics on what’s working, how much FI’s are spending, and what’s most effective for delivering tangible results. Check out this video for a sneak peek ...

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Topics: Digital Signage, Client Engagement

Top 10 Branch & HQ Design Trends for 2018

Posted by Laura Ory

March 14, 2018

As the financial institutions move to make their branches more advisory and innovative, branch design is playing a vital role in the shift. 

The same old credit union and bank branch designs just don’t cut it in this bold new era of banking. Long rows of tellers, client barriers, and stuffy lobbies are disappearing in face of more effective designs. 

We asked DBSI’s design experts to weigh in on the top trends influencing branch and HQ designs right now. See the video of the top 10 trends below and download the infographic for inspiration on your future branch or headquarters designs.

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5 Surprising Branch Digital Signage Stats

Posted by Laura Ory

December 28, 2017

As banking technology and consumer behavior changes, it's more important than ever to stay on the pulse of what's happening. 

  • How are other financial institutions responding to changes?
  • What new technologies are they using?
  • What's the impact and how much does it all cost!?!

See how financial institutions are using Digital Signage, like the five surprising stats in this video from our last survey: 

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Topics: Digital Signage, Client Engagement

12 Days of Digital: Brilliant Digital Signage Content Ideas for Branches

Posted by Laura Ory

December 21, 2017

As the New Year approaches, it's a perfect time to gather ideas for a content refresh and new digital signage strategies.

We've picked out a few of our favorite innovations for financial industry below...See how our Digital Signage Agency has helped branches engage, educate and excite with these 12 digital signage ideas:

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Topics: Digital Signage

What Christmas Carol Is Your Branch Signage Singing?

Posted by Lauren Helt

December 13, 2017

Get in the spirit of the season with this quick quiz to see which holiday jingle is most in tune with the digital signage in your branch. (Spoiler alert: you’ve probably heard it on the radio many times since Thanksgiving and the chances of getting it stuck in your head are high!)

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Topics: Digital Signage, Client Engagement

Sharing is Caring: How to Get Clients to Save and Share Your Digital Signage Content

Posted by Laura Ory

November 18, 2017


What is the fastest and easiest way to get your product information into the hands of clients? Forget boring paper brochures—instead let clients text or share your digital brochures right to an email inbox or mobile phone with DBSI's newest digital signage app.

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Topics: Digital Signage, DBSI News

The 'Must See' Method for Employee Engagement

Posted by Laura Ory

June 22, 2017

American companies are struggling to keep and engage most employees. Only one-third of employees say they're engaged in their work---and Financial Institutions are no exception.

Gallup's 2017 State of the American Workplace survey found that the impact of engagement can be huge. The top quarter of companies with the highest engagement, compared to the lowest, had: 

  • 59% Lower Turnover (Low-Turnover Organizations)
  • 24% Lower Turnover (High-Turnover Organizations)
  • 17% Higher Productivity
  • 20% Higher Sales
  • 21% Higher Profitability

Clearly an engaged workforce has powerful effect, and day-to-day communication is key to improving engagement. Consistent employee communication is a challenge for most organizations, but technology is making it much easier. 

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Topics: Digital Signage

Highlights from the Digital Signage Expo: What Branches Need to Know

Posted by Laura Ory

May 10, 2017


Recently DBSI’s Digital Signage Agency team headed to biggest show for screens—the Digital Signage Expo in Las Vegas—to preview the latest innovations that could soon come to a branch near you. 

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Topics: Digital Signage, Retail Banking, Retail Strategies

Join us for '6 Engagement Strategies' Webinar on May 9

Posted by Laura Ory

May 1, 2017

Is one of your goals to increase cross-sells?

How about helping clients discover all the ways your products and services can help them through life’s journey?

More importantly, what about creating an engaging branch experience for today’s digitally connected consumer?

Join DBSI CEO, John W. Smith, in this webinar on May 9th to explore 6 highly-effective strategies for tackling all three of these challenges and more.

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Topics: Branch Transformation, Digital Signage

3 Reasons Digital Signage is Way Better for Employee Communications than Another Email!

Posted by Laura Ory

April 6, 2017

There's a hidden danger to your branch transformation efforts with the potential to sink all your efforts—poor communication. 

Lack of communication is often the No. 1 complaint employees have about their companies. Achieving good communication can be a major challenge but well worth taking the effort to improve, since it can boost employee productivity by 25 percent or more, by some estimates.

So what will give you the most communication improvement? Digital signage has certainly proved it's worth in branch and consumer spaces, and is gaining more consideration in corporate settings as well.

Here are three reasons you can rock at employee communications with digital signage: 

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