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Top Branch Design Trends Face Off!

Posted by Laura Ory

February 1, 2017

Time to put on your game face...and not just for the Superbowl! This is the final week of our Fantasy Branch Draft, and we’re putting six branch design trends head-to-head to see which deserves the top spot.

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Topics: Branch Design, Branch Transformation, Retail Strategies, Fantasy Branch Draft

Thanksgiving Blog Buffet: DBSI’s Top Posts of 2016

Posted by Laura Ory

November 23, 2016

When you’re not digging into some delicious Thanksgiving foods this week, leave some extra room to feast your eyes on our most popular blog posts of 2016!

Our 10 posts cover a wide spread—from technology and digital signage to branch design—loaded with tips to help you prep for 2017 and branch transformation.

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Topics: Branch Design, Retail Banking, Branch Transformation, Branding, Banking Technology, Digital Signage

Strategic WOW Moments Sure to Impress at New Evergreen Bank Branch

Posted by Laura Ory

October 28, 2016

Evergreen Bank’s newest branch might feel more like a trip to a coffee shop or the driving range than a traditional bank—all by design.

Evergreen aims to change the typical view of a bank branch into a more alluring destination known for amenities and impressing customers at its new location in Hinsdale, Ill.

The community bank worked with DBSI to develop a design and strategic customer experience that breaks the typical mold, and fosters advisory relationships and happy customers. Every element was thoughtfully planned to achieve a specific objective.

 Take the virtual tour and learn more below!

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Topics: Retail Strategies, Branch Design, Branch Transformation, Digital Signage

An Infographic Guide to the State of Branch Transformation

Posted by Laura Ory

October 7, 2016

Do you know what technology and design elements will support future branches? Or where other institutions are at on the path to transformation? 

Branch Transformation is happening all around us, but few can agree what it actually means, and even fewer know how to achieve it.

But worry not! DBSI has reviewed the data from Celent’s Branch Transformation research to guide you through the complex quest for Transformation.

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Topics: Branch Transformation, Retail Strategies, Branch Design

Pima Federal Credit Union Welcomes its Financial Center of the Future

Posted by Laura Ory

September 23, 2016

Personal service and helpful technology are center-stage at Pima Federal Credit Union's newest financial center. This DBSI client opened its seventh location, the Steam Pump Financial Center, recently in Oro Valley, Ariz.

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Topics: Branch Design, Retail Banking, Digital Signage

Can You Really Update an Aging Branch on a Small Budget—Without Ever Closing? A Magically Wonderful Branch Refresh Story

Posted by Emily Sweillam

September 12, 2016


Project At-A-Glance

  • Key Challenges:
    • Execute a branch refresh on a budget
    • Manage entire project—the credit union had no extra time/or resources to manage multiple contractors, deadlines or demands
    • Complete the remodel without closing the branch and disurpting service
  • DBSI X-Factor:
    • Exhibited expertise with the variety of ideas presented that fit the needs, budgets and goals of the credit union
    • Presented to the Board to gain executive agreement and alignment on actions
    • •DBSI had the whole process mapped out, making decisions easy and execution right on time
  • Impact:
    • "If you want something done right, call DBSI. I wasted so much time looking at other firms, only to be disappointed with their responses. DBSI really has the whole process throught through—when I walked up to the finished branch, I felt like I was on one of those home network TV shows. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a totally new space—it even smelled fresh!  - Anne Riley, CEO

As  CEO of Mohave Community Federal Credit Union, Ann Riley was faced with a dilemma—how to update an aging branch with limited resources and a small budget. Oh, and add the stress of figuring out how to do it without disrupting clients and closing the branch.

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Topics: Branch Design, DBSI Client Stories, Branch Transformation, Retail Banking

The Secret Formula: A Data Based Webinar for Branch Optimization

Posted by Emily Sweillam

September 9, 2016

Ready to uncover current branch optimization trends and the formula to branch transformation success?

Whether you’re already testing concepts or just starting to gather data, Budgets, Boardrooms and Branch Optimization: Backed-By-Science Strategies for Conquering All Three in 2017 is the must-see webinar for anyone with branch transformation goals in 2017!

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Topics: Branch Design, Retail Banking, Banking Technology, Branch Transformation, Retail Strategies

Can you get more than 70% on this Branch Optimization Quiz?

Posted by Emily Sweillam

August 3, 2016

If you think you know Branch Transformation, think again.  We've got a test on the latest trends— derived directly from your peers!

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Topics: Retail Banking, Branch Transformation, Retail Strategies, Branch Design, Banking Technology

Changing the Model: Strategies for In-Branch Self-Service

Posted by Emily Sweillam

July 14, 2016

Let’s address the obvious first: Optimizing your branch network is a must to stay relevant and successful in today’s changing banking environment.

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Topics: Banking Technology, Retail Banking, Branch Transformation, Banking Equipment, Branch Design, DBSI News, Retail Strategies

DBSI’s Branch Design and Digital Signage for Tech CU Receives Marketing Association for Credit Unions (MAC) Award

Posted by Emily Sweillam

June 29, 2016

DBSI is proud to announce its innovative branch design and engaging digital signage created in collaboration with Tech CU has been honored as an outstanding achievement in the banking industry, earning a Marketing Association for Credit Unions (MAC) award.

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Topics: DBSI News, Branch Design, Digital Signage

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