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Time to put on your game face...and not just for the Superbowl! This is the final week of our Fantasy Branch Draft, and we’re putting six branch design trends head-to-head to see which deserves the top spot.

Learn about these six design elements, and help us determine which should be featured in the Ultimate Fantasy Branch: 

Lounge vs. Community Meeting Room



This type of comfortable space lets clients know they’re welcome to stay for a while. This area can add a coffee shop feel, with Wi-Fi and refreshments, to the branch.

  • Comfortable space for engaging with digital signage, etc.
  • Perfect way to add amenities like coffee/beverage bar
  • Gives clients a “cared for” feeling

Community Room

Does your financial institution have a space to educate the community about your mortgage program, or other helpful tips? With an inviting space built to host groups for meetings, seminars and other events.

  • Value-added service for small business owners and community groups
  • Can be multi-purpose space for meetings, classes, etc.
  • Gives non-clients a reason to visit the branch

Hyper-Local Design vs. Natural Aesthetic


Hyper Local Design

Cookie cutter branches are fading away, in favor of branch environments and experiences more unique to the target market, location, and brand. Hyper-local design can incorporate materials, furniture and décor that highlights and mirrors local characteristics.

  • Creates a more memorable client experience
  • Differentiates the branch and expresses a unique brand identity
  • Adds personality to the branch

Natural Aesthetics

Studies show that design that connects people back to nature and green spaces actually makes them feel happier. Work environments with natural elements (wood, stone, greenery, color, etc.) can also help employees stay focused and alert, compared to more sterile designs.

  • Sensory elements promote more alert and focused employees
  • Promotes a positive impact on energy levels and well-being
  • Natural elements be also used for noise reduction and air quality

Mixed-Use Branch vs. Micro-Branch


Mixed-Use Branch

Repurposing an existing branch or retail space for mixed-use can reduce costs and drive traffic in a big way.  While not a new idea to the industry, more financial institutions are finding ROI in this strategy. A branch paired with a coffee shop, farmers market, or tax office, could be the perfect match.

  • Lower cost and higher traffic
  • Attracts new visitors


Micro or mini branches can provide full-service in a footprint that ranges anywhere from 60 to 1,000 sq. ft. With the right automations and technology, these branches can maximize space efficiency while emphasizing essential products and services.

  • Small size reduces operational expenses for major cost savings
  • Pick the perfect location, where clients live, work and play

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