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The Ultimate Fantasy Branch: Top 12 Innovations for 2017

Posted by Laura Ory

February 8, 2017

For our first ever Fantasy Branch Draft this year, DBSI paired up the top branch trends and asked Financial Institutions to vote for the best-of-the-best. 

Now we've compiled a roster of the top Branch Transformation picks in a new download for you! 

Download this cheat sheet to gather ideas for your own Branch Transformation this year. And check out four more great innovations that almost made the cut below! 

Fantasy Branch.jpg

Download: Ultimate Fantasy Branch

On the Bench: Innovative Alternates

These picks came within just a few votes of winners and definitely deserve consideration to join your branch plans for 2017:

Cash Recyclers


Cash recyclers have become a tried and true technology for increasing efficiency, accuracy, security, and enhancing the client experience—and a must for open branch designs.

Financial Healthcheck


Wish you could have relevant client data for warm product leads, right in the branch? Financial Healthcheckoffers just that with a fast, fun and easy web app that’s perfect for digital signage.

Teller Towers


Teller Towers are also must-have addition for open branch environments for serving clients with a more welcoming, advisory feel than the traditional teller line.

Mixed-Use Branch


Repurposing an existing branch or retail space for mixed-use can reduce costs and increase your traffic in a big way. Imagine having a branch-slash-bakery, -barber, -bowling alley, etc.! 


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