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Unicorns in the Forecast at Financial Brand Forum 2018: Top 4 Things to Know Before you Go

Posted by Lauren Helt

May 5, 2018

Even if you've never been to Vegas, you’ve probably heard stories of visitors going from zero to Las Rageous quicker than you can lose money at a casino. It’s a flashy destination that’s notorious for the well-earned “what happens here, stays here” mentality – but let’s face it – we’ve never been the type to follow a crowd.

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Newest Community First CU Location Featured in CU Business Magazine

Posted by David Giarrizzo

May 2, 2018

You’ve heard the saying: “Go big or go home.” Well, Community First Credit Union went big with their latest stand-alone branch in Fleming Island, Florida.

According to Community First’s CEO and President, John Hirabayashi, “This location provides convenience and an enhanced experience in modern, in-person banking.” (You can say that again!) Where many credit unions only use printed brochures and colorful posters to communicate information, Community First went with enhanced digital displays and full, self-service areas to better engage and connect with their members.

But that’s not all!

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Welcome to the Future of Banking: Mercantil Bank Opens Its Newest Florida Location

Posted by David Giarrizzo

April 26, 2018

Mercantil Bank, Florida’s fifth largest bank with assets of $8.5B, newest location in Wellington, Florida, is being hailed as the “Bank of the Future.” And for good reason.

Say goodbye to the roped off path leading to the wall of teller stations, the 1970s framed art, and the rack of tri-fold brochures (with 8 point font). And say hello to the future: an open floor plan, clean, bright colors, and self-service kiosks with interactive digital displays. This is the bank of the future.

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How Online Banking is Driving Branch Transformation [Newsday Interview]

Posted by Laura Ory

April 18, 2018

As online and mobile banking continues to rise, financial institutions are rethinking their branch strategies.

DBSI's CEO John W. Smith, recently spoke with Newsday about the major trends shaping branches today. Not only are branch footprints shrinking, but so are the number of people needed to staff the branch:

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Insanely Unique Branch Transformations

Posted by Laura Ory

March 29, 2018

In the banking world it can be tough to differentiate yourself from the competition–especially when so many other financial institutions offer similar products, services, even branding.

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Top 10 Branch & HQ Design Trends for 2018

Posted by Laura Ory

March 14, 2018

As the financial institutions move to make their branches more advisory and innovative, branch design is playing a vital role in the shift. 

The same old credit union and bank branch designs just don’t cut it in this bold new era of banking. Long rows of tellers, client barriers, and stuffy lobbies are disappearing in face of more effective designs. 

We asked DBSI’s design experts to weigh in on the top trends influencing branch and HQ designs right now. See the video of the top 10 trends below and download the infographic for inspiration on your future branch or headquarters designs.

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What makes this CU branch a ‘Fab Facility’? It's More Than Meets the Eye

Posted by Laura Ory

February 22, 2018

What branches are turning heads in 2018? Utah First's new branch, for one.

In the January issue of CU Management Magazine, DBSI’s Branch Transformation for Utah First FCU was featured as one of four Fab Facilities that are reinventing the branch experience:

“Even in today’s world filled with digital financial services, in-person branches still are a way for credit unions to connect with members, fortify loyalty and showcase their brands. . . There’s no single right answer in branch design, and each of these facilities is as different as the CU itself.”

Utah First’s South Jordan branch opened in July with a makeover designed to draw attention, from the building placement (angled for maximum visibility) to the illuminated outdoor and digital signage, and vibrant colors.

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What's Your Branch Love Language?

Posted by Laura Ory

February 13, 2018

Roses are red, violets are blue,
When it comes to your branch, 
How do you show client love, through and through?

As millions of readers have learned from the best-selling book The Five Love Languages, there are five key ways to show the love: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service or touch.

When it comes to your branch experience, which love language are you exuding to clients?

Discover your appreciation sweet spot in this quiz to see how your branch charms it’s visitors:

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5 Surprising Branch Digital Signage Stats

Posted by Laura Ory

December 28, 2017

As banking technology and consumer behavior changes, it's more important than ever to stay on the pulse of what's happening. 

  • How are other financial institutions responding to changes?
  • What new technologies are they using?
  • What's the impact and how much does it all cost!?!

See how financial institutions are using Digital Signage, like the five surprising stats in this video from our last survey: 

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Topics: Client Engagement, Digital Signage

12 Days of Digital: Brilliant Digital Signage Content Ideas for Branches

Posted by Laura Ory

December 21, 2017

As the New Year approaches, it's a perfect time to gather ideas for a content refresh and new digital signage strategies.

We've picked out a few of our favorite innovations for financial industry below...See how our Digital Signage Agency has helped branches engage, educate and excite with these 12 digital signage ideas:

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