3 Reasons Digital Signage is Way Better for Employee Communications than Another Email!

Posted by Laura Ory

April 6, 2017

There's a hidden danger to your branch transformation efforts with the potential to sink all your efforts—poor communication. 

Lack of communication is often the No. 1 complaint employees have about their companies. Achieving good communication can be a major challenge but well worth taking the effort to improve, since it can boost employee productivity by 25 percent or more, by some estimates.

So what will give you the most communication improvement? Digital signage has certainly proved it's worth in branch and consumer spaces, and is gaining more consideration in corporate settings as well.

Here are three reasons you can rock at employee communications with digital signage: 

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DBSI's Digital Signage Agency Takes Top Spot in Video Contest

Posted by Laura Ory

April 5, 2017

 The Digital Signage Agency, powered by DBSI, was named the first grand prize winner this week in the Digital Signage Expo’s inaugural Through Your Lens Video Competition!

The video contest challenged content teams and other digital signage pros to showcase
their creative skills while helping to promote DSE—the world's largest trade show dedicated to the latest digital display and interactive technology solutions.

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Different Not Dead: What People Want from Branches in the Mobile Banking Age

Posted by Laura Ory

March 8, 2017

June 29, 2017 will mark 10 years since Apple released the first iPhone, paving the way for an era of mobile apps. With mobile and online banking so ubiquitous today, does the brick-and-mortar branch really serve a purpose anymore?

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Building Anticipation and Celebrating New Branch Construction with a Topping Off Ceremony

Posted by Laura Ory

March 6, 2017

Unison Bank and DBSI marked a milestone recently with a topping off ceremony, DBSI-style, for Unison's soon-to-be new branch in Gilbert, Ariz.

Topping off is an old Scandinavian building tradition celebrating the placement of the highest beam in a new structure. Today, the tradition continues on in many countries with  flags or tree branches hoisted up with the top beam, marking the progress and hope for continued success. 

"There are so many components to the design and construction process; it can be overwhelming," said Unison's Arizona Market President, Sharon Miller. "DBSI has been very proactive in guiding us where we need to be and keeping us on target." 

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Getting the Board On-Board for Branch Transformation

Posted by Laura Ory

February 23, 2017

Financial execs had a lot of optimism for the future at the recent Acquire or Be Acquired conference, but it wasn’t all sunny, as some serious warnings were also doled out.

Being slow to adopt new technologies and keeping up with changes in the industry could soon become a very big problem for those who are lagging behind, U.S. Bancorp’s retiring CEO Richard Davis. 

“You can’t be OK with catching up two to three years later." - Richard Davis

And while much of the focus remains on digital channels, the branch still plays an important part of attracting, engaging and keeping clients.

The large majority of financial execs (81%) find it imperative to transform the branch experience, according to Celent’s research—but following up on that imperative is where many banks and credit unions are getting stuck.

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Key Takeaways from the 2017 Digital Signage Survey Report

Posted by Laura Ory

February 15, 2017

DBSI asked 120 banks and credit unions everything about their digital signage—what’s working, how much they're spending and what would they change...and the results are in! 

We've got the full report on what financial institutions are doing with digital signage, and a few things really caught our attention:

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The Ultimate Fantasy Branch: Top 12 Innovations for 2017

Posted by Laura Ory

February 8, 2017

For our first ever Fantasy Branch Draft this year, DBSI paired up the top branch trends and asked Financial Institutions to vote for the best-of-the-best. 

Now we've compiled a roster of the top Branch Transformation picks in a new download for you! 

Download this cheat sheet to gather ideas for your own Branch Transformation this year. And check out four more great innovations that almost made the cut below! 

Fantasy Branch.jpg

Download: Ultimate Fantasy Branch

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Top Branch Design Trends Face Off!

Posted by Laura Ory

February 1, 2017

Time to put on your game face...and not just for the Superbowl! This is the final week of our Fantasy Branch Draft, and we’re putting six branch design trends head-to-head to see which deserves the top spot.

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Fantasy Branch Draft: Tackling Branch Technology

Posted by Laura Ory

January 25, 2017

Technology options for branches seem to grow by the day, with amazing opportunities for efficiency and profitability. But when you’ve got limited resources to transform and upgrade a branch, what makes the cut?

For Week 3 of our Fantasy Branch Draft, we want your top technology picks! Read up on the stats to decide, then place your vote. 

Let the drafting begin!

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Fantasy Branch Faceoff: Client Engagement Strategies

Posted by Laura Ory

January 18, 2017


Client engagement can really help rack up the points for your branch, from loyalty and greater profitability to referrals.

So how can you can you improve your engagement stats? We’ve rounded up a few strategies for week 2 of the Fantasy Branch Draft! 

Check out the options and stats below, then pick the client engagement strategies you think deserve a spot on the Fantasy Branch roster.

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