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What makes this CU branch a ‘Fab Facility’? It's More Than Meets the Eye

Posted by Laura Ory

February 22, 2018

What branches are turning heads in 2018? Utah First's new branch, for one.

In the January issue of CU Management Magazine, DBSI’s Branch Transformation for Utah First FCU was featured as one of four Fab Facilities that are reinventing the branch experience:

“Even in today’s world filled with digital financial services, in-person branches still are a way for credit unions to connect with members, fortify loyalty and showcase their brands. . . There’s no single right answer in branch design, and each of these facilities is as different as the CU itself.”

Utah First’s South Jordan branch opened in July with a makeover designed to draw attention, from the building placement (angled for maximum visibility) to the illuminated outdoor and digital signage, and vibrant colors.

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What's Your Branch Love Language?

Posted by Laura Ory

February 13, 2018

Roses are red, violets are blue,
When it comes to your branch, 
How do you show client love, through and through?

As millions of readers have learned from the best-selling book The Five Love Languages, there are five key ways to show the love: words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service or touch.

When it comes to your branch experience, which love language are you exuding to clients?

Discover your appreciation sweet spot in this quiz to see how your branch charms it’s visitors:

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5 Surprising Branch Digital Signage Stats

Posted by Laura Ory

December 28, 2017

As banking technology and consumer behavior changes, it's more important than ever to stay on the pulse of what's happening. 

  • How are other financial institutions responding to changes?
  • What new technologies are they using?
  • What's the impact and how much does it all cost!?!

See how financial institutions are using Digital Signage, like the five surprising stats in this video from our last survey: 

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Topics: Client Engagement, Digital Signage

12 Days of Digital: Brilliant Digital Signage Content Ideas for Branches

Posted by Laura Ory

December 21, 2017

As the New Year approaches, it's a perfect time to gather ideas for a content refresh and new digital signage strategies.

We've picked out a few of our favorite innovations for financial industry below...See how our Digital Signage Agency has helped branches engage, educate and excite with these 12 digital signage ideas:

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Topics: Digital Signage

What Christmas Carol Is Your Branch Signage Singing?

Posted by Laura Ory

December 13, 2017

Get in the spirit of the season with this quick quiz to see which holiday jingle is most in tune with the digital signage in your branch. (Spoiler alert: you’ve probably heard it on the radio many times since Thanksgiving and the chances of getting it stuck in your head are high!)

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Topics: Client Engagement, Digital Signage

Branch-Saving Transformation Survival Tips

Posted by Laura Ory

December 8, 2017

Have you ever felt like your new build or remodeling project is more like a survival test than a business undertaking?

You're not alone. Scary transformation stories play out in the thousands—and any expert will tell you that Branch Transformation is a massively difficult task.

What they may not tell you is getting out alive and happy can be a whole lot easier with the right advice and guidance. 

To help you from becoming another statistic, get this guide of hand-picked tips from the experts!

New Call-to-action

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Topics: Branch Transformation

2017 Year in Review with Elf-on-the-Shelf

Posted by Laura Ory

December 6, 2017

Ready for a trip down memory lane and some spirited holiday laughs? 2017 has been quite a year and we’ve got just the inspirational video to have you smiling as you get ready for 2018.

We’re sharing our annual holiday tradition of Elf on the Shelf—and this year we’re reliving the most memorable moments of 2017, both naughty and nice!

Enjoy another Elf journey with us…and from our family to yours, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

P.S. For more guaranteed fun, check out our previous Elf on the Shelfs!

DBSI & Eddie the Elf Present: The Year in Review 2017

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Topics: Branch Transformation, DBSI News, CFM

8 Tasty Branch Transformation Must-Haves, Just in Time for Thanksgiving

Posted by Laura Ory

November 21, 2017

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to share the perfect Transformation spread—a tasty table full of inspiration for the year ahead.

So grab a fork, and dig in to these 8 must-haves for your next Branch Transformation! 

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Topics: Branch Transformation

Sharing is Caring: How to Get Clients to Save and Share Your Digital Signage Content

Posted by Laura Ory

November 18, 2017


What is the fastest and easiest way to get your product information into the hands of clients? Forget boring paper brochures—instead let clients text or share your digital brochures right to an email inbox or mobile phone with DBSI's newest digital signage app.

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Topics: DBSI News, Digital Signage

Lobby Renovation by DBSI Becomes a 'Project to Know'

Posted by Laura Ory

November 6, 2017

DBSI was recently featured in AZRE’s 2018 Projects to Know in Commercial Real Estate, highlighting Arizona’s biggest design and construction projects.

DBSI completed the lobby renovation for the 12-story office building, 2020 on Central in midtown Phoenix, in 2016.

As a longtime partner, DBSI was a natural pick as the general contractor, said Janet Moodie, Chief Operating Officer for Arizona Central Credit Union.

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Topics: DBSI News

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