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Holy Cash Automation! Join Us at the "Flying Monkey Show."

Posted by Emily Sweillam

August 14, 2015

What’s almost as cool as sliding down the Batpole at our Ideation Center in Chandler, Arizona?

Seeing, and possibly sitting in, the Batmobile, of course.


Here’s your chance: If you’re attending the Symitar Educational Conference, Sept. 1–3 in San Diego, sign up to join us on Wednesday evening, September 2, at the Stickley on Security “Flying Monkey Show.” The 1966 TV-show Batmobile will be there, along with Marcel, the capuchin monkey from the ‘90s TV show, “Friends.” There’ll be food, an open bar, music, tons of fun and photo ops.


Or, as Robin would say, “Holy atomic pile, Batman.”


Even more awesome: CFM, DBSI’s partner technology company, will crown this year’s SMUG king and queen along with comedian (and former “Encino Man”) Pauly Shore. We’ll offer the winning royals their choice of an Apple Watch™ or $500 Amazon™ gift card.


It’ll be epic. We promise.

Topics: Banking Technology, Branch Transformation, Banking Equipment, Software

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