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The NFL playoffs are here and so is the first ever Fantasy Branch Draft—a face off between the best-of-the-best in branch innovations, where you decide which will be left standing to win a branch transformation victory!

Here’s how to play:

Each week until the Superbowl, we’ll select new branch transformation match-ups. To get in the game, cast your vote on which element you would rather have in your ideal branch.

Get ready to make some tough choices and see how your selections stack up against others picks. At the end of all four rounds, we'll share the winners and a cheatsheet for the ultimate Fantasy Branch!

For Week 1, we’ve assembled some top transaction players. Take a look at the match-ups, the stats, have some fun and make your picks below!

Round 1: Transactions

Teller Tower vs. Service Spot 

With teller lines entering retirement, what will take their place? Two options are raising to the task:



Teller Tower Scorecard

With cash recyclers/dispensers, a protective teller counter is no longer necessary. Smaller Teller Towers let staff more easily engage with clients. 

  • Familiar counter style with a modern update
  • Creates a welcoming, advisory feel
  • Ideal for cash recyclers/dispensers
  • A must-have addition for open branch environments

Service Spot Scorecard

The Service Spot is a flexible working space for personal bankers and universal associates with a shared desk and swivel monitor to easily share information with clients.

  • Creates a more open and inviting branch environment
  • More private than traditional desks with sound deadening features
  • Casual feel with options for sitting or standing
  • Modular - add or move stations with ease

Universal Associates vs. Tellers

In the branch of the future, who will handle transactions?



Universal Associate Scorecard

Universal Associates can cover a wide range, but this relatively new role may require some specialized knowledge and training.

  • Nimble and adaptable to the situation
  • Ideal for lower volume branches (< 3,000 transactions per month)
  • Helps avoid overstaffing while meeting service and sales needs

Teller Scorecard

These specialists are great for fast and efficient transactions.

  • More effective for high-volume branches (10,000+ transactions per month)
  • Best for branches without cash recyclers and other automation
  • The traditional route - less complex

Assisted Self-Service vs. Video Teller Machines

Today’s technology allows transactions to be handled by automation or remotely, but which do you prefer?



Assisted Self-Service Scorecard

Self-service is becoming more accepted among consumers—and NEXT provides true core integrated self-service with assistance as needed. 

  • Gives clients a self-service option that can do all the same transactions as a teller, allowing them to get in and out quickly
  • Allows for staff to still have face-to-face conversations for clients who are interested.
  • Branch staff easily alerted when assistance is needed

Video Teller Machines Scorecard

With a video teller, a team of remote tellers can assist clients with transactions:

  • Useful for after-hours and drive-thrus
  • Frees up staff for sales opportunities
  • Must have a back office of tellers set up to handle transactions

Thanks for playing! Join us next week to make your picks for Round 2: Client Engagement.