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Fantasy Branch Faceoff: Client Engagement Strategies

Posted by Laura Ory

January 18, 2017


Client engagement can really help rack up the points for your branch, from loyalty and greater profitability to referrals.

So how can you can you improve your engagement stats? We’ve rounded up a few strategies for week 2 of the Fantasy Branch Draft! 

Check out the options and stats below, then pick the client engagement strategies you think deserve a spot on the Fantasy Branch roster.

Greeter vs. Tech Bar


Greeter Stats

Greeters are growing in popularity, especially since they’ve been identified as an important factor in blocking would-be thieves.

  • Increased security and service
  • Helps avoid branch lines 
  • Adds additional point person for client engagement 

Tech Bar Stats

Tech Bars, or Discovery Bars as we like to call them, are another great engagement point for the branch. Tech bars are typically outfitted with tablets and mounts and can give clients an option to learn about and use web or mobile banking tools and more.

  • Ideal for onboarding clients to online/mobile banking
  • Gives clients an option to browse when waiting for other services
  • Clients can engage with or without staff assistance


Interactive Digital Signage vs. Video Wall


Interactive Digital Signage Stats

Interactive digital signage, aka touchscreens, allows clients to browse your content at their pace. It also gives you the ability to share detailed information and interactive content, like quizzes and games designed to help clients discover the products and services that match their needs.

  • Highly engaging
  • Versatile: Displays multiple content types
  • Limited to one user at a time per device

Video Wall Stats

We don’t call them wow-walls for nothing! A video wall combines multiple screens or one large one to covers a larger area for maximum impact. If you’ve got high-quality video and brand content, this is the way to showcase it.

  • Impressive – Can’t miss it!
  • Reaches more visitors and clients in the branch
  • Limited to one message/video at a time


Digital Community Board vs. Financial HealthCheck


Digital Community Board Stats

Digital community boards are the perfect replacement for outdated bulletin boards to share local businesses spotlights, events, branch announcements, weather and more.

  • Displays relevant and useful info for clients
  • Hyper-local: customizable by branch
  • Great for highlighting your community support/involvement

Financial Healthcheck Stats

Financial Healthcheck is a tool your clients can use to check their financial stats, compared to the average. After answering a few short questions, your clients can see their “score” and the branch will have relevant info to advise them on products and services.

  • Fast, fun and easy way for clients to get insights
  • Relevant client data for warm product leads
  • Web-based app solution 

Want to learn more about how your branch can use the strategies above for client engagement in your branch?

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Don't forget to make your picks in Round 1 (Transactions) of the Fantasy Branch Draft!


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