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 The Digital Signage Agency, powered by DBSI, was named the first grand prize winner this week in the Digital Signage Expo’s inaugural Through Your Lens Video Competition!

The video contest challenged content teams and other digital signage pros to showcase
their creative skills while helping to promote DSE—the world's largest trade show dedicated to the latest digital display and interactive technology solutions.

IMG_7423_Edited-1.jpgThe Digital Signage Agency’s winning video was inspired by the team’s creative process, from concept to completion, and was directed and edited by DBSI Art Director, Matt Lu.

A custom-made poker chip, interactive digital screens and other details invoke the DSE theme.

The Digital Signage Agency’s “small but passionate team of disruptors and innovators” is continually encouraged and inspired to show off their creative chops as part of DBSI’s efforts to help clients redefine banking experiences.

Attending the annual DSE is a priority for the Digital Signage Agency, which specializes in  digital signage technology and content for financial industry clients.

“We are excited to be a part of this amazing industry and can’t wait to see what comes next,” said Lu.

Read the DSE Announcement

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