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DBSI and First Credit Union: An Insanely Fast Live-In Branch Transformation

Posted by Jaci Janes

December 7, 2015

FirstCU-Lobby01.jpgDuring a branch remodel, one of the biggest challenges FIs face is how to effectively conduct business during the process.

Most would say it's impossible to rebrand your entire retail experience with a transformation of a high-traffic branch, in the middle of a 115° summer, in under 4 weeks, without interrupting business...

But First Credit Union did.

And their story is downright life changing.

Check out the video of FCU's complete Branch Transformation, then read the full story here.

“In all my years of banking, I’ve never seen a live-in remodel happen so fast and smooth. We never had to close the branch once, and the outcome of the new branch is absolutely impressive!” - Lori Gallegos, EVP/COO

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