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With the rise in home prices and the speed at which houses are selling, financial institutions are aggressively seeking buyers.

According to The Mortgage Reports, homes are selling at all-time low of just 34 days on the market this year. However, your clients may not be so quick with their pens if they walk into an outdated branch that still requires them to fill out their loan application in a cubicle where they feel confined—they’re already wary about this new and exciting chapter in their lives.

If you need help re-energizing the way you sell home loans in 2016, here are examples from three branches that have optimized their branch transformation to create relationships and attract more homebuyers:

1. A Space That Sells Home Loans For You

Like small business owners, homebuyers want to discuss their finances in an environment where they feel their information is secure so they can talk to you about their specific needs.

DBSI client, Truwest Credit Union in Phoenix, Arizona accomplished this feat with their branch transformation. In fact, in just the first few months—and with the right amount of service and technology, new business loans increased by 650%.

By adding technology, like Service Spot®, your associates can open more loans in an engaging atmosphere that homebuyers will remember and tell their friends about.

2. An Event That Sells Home Loans For You

Does your financial institution have a space to educate the community about your mortgage program? If not, you’re missing out. Rabobank’s new Roseville, California branch earned its largest loan to date through an event they held in its “Community Room.”

With an inviting space built to teach others about the solutions you offer, you can give your branch the best chance to attract first-time homebuyers as well as others who may be unfamiliar with the refinancing options available to them through seminars and other related events. 

3. A Channel That Sells Home Loans For You

Does your financial institution need a boost in ROI? How about a channel that is more effective than the rack of brochures that are collecting dust in your branch? With a simple and attractive way to inform your clients about your mortgage program, digital signage is a must-have. And the return on investment is astounding.

Take California Coast Credit Union, for example. With a diverse member base of both college students and alumni, it’s moved the majority of its messaging to digital signage and has created unique content to drive loans. With digital signage in your branch, you can get in front of more clients and gauge their home-buying interest with an effective way to display rates and products.

Does your financial institution need help getting more homebuyers in your branch? Let us know how we can help. Start the conversation by contacting us here.