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DBSI Digital Signage

Imagine this—you’re driving on the highway and see a billboard. Which one of the following options do you think would catch your attention the most?

1. The Personal

Something that applies to your life and your needs (as if your brain was magically drawn to it via the Law of Attraction)


2. The Odd

A billboard that's out of the ordinary, like an odd shape or outlandish image that you can't help but notice (i.e. a Chick-Fil-A billboard))


3. The Flash

You see a screen flash (in other words, you weren’t purposely looking at billboard ads but the flicker of the screen caught your attention)


Think you know the answer? Wondering how this might apply to your branch network?

Squirrel Advertising

If you guessed 3, you’re correct. In a recent study of billboard advertising, the sign that got the most attention was the one that was digital and had animation.

Drivers gazed at digital signs 63% of the time versus only 37% for standard billboards. In fact, digital billboards are so successful, the Department of Transportation says they’re a danger because they’re so distracting.

Now, for drivers and roads, that might be a bad thing. But, what about your drive-thru or your branch? Who wouldn’t want traffic-stopping attention?

So, think about when clients walk into your branch today, what are you doing to get their attention?

The Outdated Approach:


If you’re like most FI’s, you probably have merchandising that falls into the first two options of the quiz. Signs, kiosks, flags, oddly shaped items—all trying to promote your brand, products and services.

Yet, logic clearly states digital signage would get you more eyeballs. Is it any wonder that the average US consumer has 8.5 banking products but only 3.5 of those products with their primary financial institution?

It’s pretty clear people have no idea what you offer! They (literally and figuratively) aren’t seeing the signs to help them discover how you can help.

Digital Signage: From Shiny Marketing Gadget to Powerful Sales Tool

Ok, I may need it, but does it actually work?

Digital signage is more than just a shiny marketing gadget—the effects are real. According to the 300 financial institutions we asked in our 2016 Digital Signage Benchmarking Survey, the answer is a resounding yes.

40.6% of FIs said they've seen an increase in product awareness using digital signage. Additionally, 61.2% of FIs felt Digital Signage improved their sales efforts. That number jumps to a whopping 75% for those who have Interactive/Touchscreen technology.

The Bottom Line

For those who care more about the bottom line, 49% of those surveyed saw an increase in sales of 11% or more! Even 51% saw an increase of up to 10%, so any way you look at it, the ROI is real.

So you have a choice: reinforce the typical branch merchandising strategy, or sharpen your tools and add more digital to start exponentially improving your branch experience and sales.

Looking for digital signage that looks amazing and is built around a distinct strategy? We might know somebody…ahem, shameless marketing plug… DBSI’s Digital Signage Agency is breaking the mold with eye-catching, relevant digital content—all built around a strategy that works. Contact us here and start creating your improved branch experience.