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Laura Ory

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Sharing is Caring: How to Get Clients to Save and Share Your Digital Signage Content

Posted by Laura Ory

November 18, 2017


What is the fastest and easiest way to get your product information into the hands of clients? Forget boring paper brochures—instead let clients text or share your digital brochures right to an email inbox or mobile phone with DBSI's newest digital signage app.

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Topics: Digital Signage, DBSI News

Lobby Renovation by DBSI Becomes a 'Project to Know'

Posted by Laura Ory

November 6, 2017

DBSI was recently featured in AZRE’s 2018 Projects to Know in Commercial Real Estate, highlighting Arizona’s biggest design and construction projects.

DBSI completed the lobby renovation for the 12-story office building, 2020 on Central in midtown Phoenix, in 2016.

As a longtime partner, DBSI was a natural pick as the general contractor, said Janet Moodie, Chief Operating Officer for Arizona Central Credit Union.

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Topics: DBSI News

QUIZ: Is your branch haunted!?!

Posted by Laura Ory

October 19, 2017

Did you build your branch on an ancient burial ground?

Are your hockey-mask-wearing tellers scaring away your clients?

Do increases in foot traffic coincide with a full moon?

Take our quiz to find out if your branch network is in need of some serious ghostbusting! 

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Topics: Halloween, Branch Transformation

#SaveMe: 3 Bad Branch Experiences and How to Save Them

Posted by Laura Ory

October 12, 2017

Do you suspect any of your branches could be going bad—or stale? Not as fresh or effective in 2017 as they were in 2007? 

We’ve found that there are 10 common barriers to effective sales and service found in most typical traditional branches: bad first impressions, poor engagement, long waiting times, to name a few. 

If you’ve noticed issues like these impacting your branches, you’re not aloneClients are coming to the branch less often but with higher expectations, according to a 2016 survey from Accenture. Half of bank consumers aged 18-34 last went to a branch for a non-transactional activity, like getting information or opening an account, etc. And more people (10% last year) are leaving their financial institution of they aren't getting the value they seek. 

So if every trip to the branch matters more, what can be done to improve the client experience? Here are three causes of bad branch experiences and a few ways to fix them. 

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Topics: #SaveMe, Branch Transformation

CUNA Members See to Believe: Captivating Branch Transformation Trends at the Ideation Center

Posted by Laura Ory

October 4, 2017

Its not everyday credit union executives can try out the latest innovations transforming branches and slide down a batpole, but many got their chance at DBSI's Ideation Center this week. 

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Topics: Branch Design, Branch Transformation, Banking Technology, Retail Banking, Retail Strategies

Award Winning Design: This Arizona Credit Union Branch Hits All the Right Notes

Posted by Laura Ory

September 11, 2017

After a major re-branding campaign in 2016, Deer Valley Credit Union put DBSI to the task of transforming their Anthem branch into a space that exemplified their defining values—own, simple, and personal

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Topics: Branch Design, DBSI News, DBSI Client Stories, Branch Transformation

Put Your Best Lobby Forward: Renovating Entry Spaces

Posted by Laura Ory

August 17, 2017

Does your lobby scream, “We haven’t changed since 1999!”?

The entry spaces for your offices and branch locations make an important first impression to visitors, including potential employees and clients. 

So what does your say?

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Topics: Branch Design, Branding, Branch Transformation

Stress Less: Branch Transformation tips to put your mind at ease

Posted by Laura Ory

July 28, 2017

Part 4 of #SaveMe: A Guide to Painless Branch Transformation and contest!

 “Coins are made of metal because change is hard.” - Wise proverb

Branch Transformation can be a perilous process, like navigating a maze with a giant boulder careening your way. . .

Big decisions need to be made (“What technologies can best help us? How can we better support a Universal Associate model?) and the wrong path can spell disaster.

Plus the pressure of tackling Branch Transformation on top of all the other aspects of your job can really push stress levels to their upper limits!

Luckily, Branch Transformation doesn’t have to be that stressful. 

We’ve helped guide hundreds of banks and credit unions to Branch Transforamtion success and here’s what we’ve learned:

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Topics: #SaveMe, Branch Transformation

In digital age, bank branches hit all-time high

Posted by Laura Ory

July 19, 2017

Branches are transforming, but don't expect to see them disappear, according to a recent report in the Worcester Business Journal.

DBSI's CEO, John W. Smith, shared his insights for the article on the changes impacting branches today, including why online and mobile banking won't completely replace branches.

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Topics: Banking Technology, Branch Transformation

#SaveMe Money! Branch Transformation Savings the Board Will Love

Posted by Laura Ory

June 22, 2017

Part 3 in the #SaveMe Guide to Painless Branch Transformation.

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Topics: #SaveMe, Branch Transformation

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