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CFM Advisory Board.jpgThere's a hidden danger to your branch transformation efforts with the potential to sink all your efforts—poor communication. 

Lack of communication is often the No. 1 complaint employees have about their companies. Achieving good communication can be a major challenge but well worth taking the effort to improve, since it can boost employee productivity by 25 percent or more, by some estimates.

So what will give you the most communication improvement? Digital signage has certainly proved it's worth in branch and consumer spaces, and is gaining more consideration in corporate settings as well.

Here are three reasons you can rock at employee communications with digital signage: 

It Boosts Employee Engagement

When you have a branch network that’s widespread, keeping everyone on the same page can be difficult. But with a consistent digital signage, you can keep everyone, from headquarters to each branch, well informed. 

With the right content management system in place, you can promote your financial institution's events, show employee appreciation, and share news and localized content with specific regions or branches, or throughout your entire branch network.

Keeping your staff well-informed, and reinforcing key messages and training, can make a major difference for the success of your client engagement and branch transformation goals.

It Catches Their Attention

Digital displays have been shown to capture 4-6 times more views than static displays in a tracking analysis by Intel.

So whether you’re displaying slides, video or interactive content, you can bet it’ll be more eye-catching than a memo or email!

Messages with a visual element are also more likely to be remembered. When people hear information, they'll remember about 10% of it after three days, but if the message is paired with a related image, they’ll remember 65 percent!  

It Reinforces Your Key Messages

Repetition is key for getting people to remember something, so if you’ve got your digital signage located where employees gather (meeting rooms, break rooms, etc.) you’re likely to reach them a few times with the same messagemaking it a lot more likely to sink in and get remembered than an email that only gets opened once.

You can  reinforce training, information about your products, promotions and services, and any other key messages you want passed on to clients.

Get Started

The right strategies and tools are vital for achieving results with digital signage—from screen placement and content, to reliable hardware and software. Get in touch with the Digital Signage Agency for information!