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The Big List of Branch Transformation Stats: Why the Branch Matters

Posted by Emily Sweillam

June 25, 2015

infographic-393225-editedDo numbers make you smile? Data make your day?  As bankers…we all know how much we love those crunchable, beautiful digits. 

So what better way to analyze what is happening in the world around us, then to take a look at the most compelling stats on Branch Transformation—gathered from several recent studies.

We scoured the web, white papers, surveys and more to round up the most useful stats on why the branch matters, and more importantly why branch transformation should be a bigger priority than you might think.

Want to show this to others? Download a printable PDF of the infographic here.

The Big List of Branch Transformation Stats





Customers and members of your financial institutions have spoken: Branch banking is alive and well. Even among perpetually plugged-in millennials. It's clear Branch Transformation needs to become a higher priority for all banks and credit unions. As Celent said it best,”Too many financial institutions lack urgency in tackling branch transformation, placing top line revenue at risk.” 

We couldn’t agree more. 

Where is the best place to start your branch transformation efforts?  The Ideation Center (aka The Banker's Playground) of course!  More than 250 financial institutions have been, and we're saving YOUR seat. Find out more here

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